Meet Daisy!

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Breed:Golden Retriever (purebred)
Age: 9 years old
Weight: 47 lbs
Altered: Yes

Happy, relaxed, snuggly, curious sweetheart...that's me, Daisy! I'm just as lovely as the flower I'm named after. I'm a 9 year old stunning Lab/Golden mix. My DOB is 2/1/08. I weigh 47 pounds. I have lots of silly and fun nicknames: Whoopsie Daisy, Daisy Crockett and Daisy Duck! You can tell I have quite the adorable personality to be blessed with so many "special names".

My owner, who had me since a puppy, moved into an apartment and could not take me. His sister wanted to keep me, but time constraints proved to be too much and I ended up living outside 24/7. That made me sad. She wanted better for me so she contacted the kind volunteers of AGN. I'm now loving life in my foster home and hoping that Santa will bring me a forever family for Christmas!

Personality Traits: : Absolute sweetheart who just wants to be by your side no matter what you're doing; very loving and affectionate, a real snuggle bug; curious, always wanting to be involved with your activities; easy going and laid back with bursts of playful joy; SWEET! SWEET! SWEET!

Status with People: : Loves people, but cautious of strangers and might hide at first; takes a bit to warm up, but then your ultimate best buddy for life; potential adopters will need to understand my "stranger danger" mentality and see me for what our relationship will be after we bond; my new family will need to give me time to understand that I'm safe and loved and then we will bond deeply; have not been around children in foster home, but so gentle that I would probably do well with them; everyone talks about how "sweet" I am

Status with Dogs: Great with other dogs and likes to play and snuggle with them; have three furry foster siblings (male and female) who are all older; read the cues of other dog's well and adjusts to their "communication"; neutral in temperament; playful especially around feeding time and when my furry friends excitedly run around, I nip at their heels for's a great game!

Status with Cats: I haven’t been around a cat yet, but I do like to chase critters in the yard so.......

Favorite Toys: I LOVE TOYS! I adore bouncy balls, tennis balls, any kind of squeaky toy and antlers; love to chase the ball and pretty good about bringing it back; get excited at feeding time and grab a ball; I’ll bounce it and push it in to your legs until it’s time to eat...I'm a riot! Sometimes I'll chew or shred the toys so I need to be monitored; I'll give a little grumble if the other dogs try and take my toy, but there's never been a scuffle; my foster family can take it right from me; I have no issues with food other than I love to eat and will eat the other dogs' food if given the opportunity

Energy Level: Lower to moderate energy overall with a laid back, easy going temperament; love my walks and playtime with my furry friends and toys, but also enjoy lounging on the couch

House Trained: Yes and has a doggie door

Crate Trained: No; I have free roam of the house without issue

House Manners: Good house manners; has free roam and not destructive (other than squeaky toys); will get into open trash (so keep the trash up) and will help clean the dishes if the dishwasher is open...I'm a good helper; I sleep on an orthopedic dog bed in my foster parents' room at night and lounge on dog beds or the couch during the day

Storm Phobia: No

Leash Manners: Walks well for the most part, but can continue to improve her leash walking skills to be even better; my Walk Your Dog With Love harness keeps me from pulling

Exercise: Enjoy daily walks; consistent exercise is needed as I'm getting into my older years...a body in motion stays in motion so walking is key; also enjoy a game of fetch in the backyard and trips to the dog park

Car Rides: Loves to ride in the car and typically lies down in the backseat; sometimes will sniff out the window

Basic Commands: Sit, Shake and working on Down

Things I need in my forever home:
-I would be the perfect match for someone who wants the ultimate companion to love on and enjoy life cuddle up with you as you read a book or watch a movie; take leisurely strolls together in the park; take road trips to the beach, etc.
-A home with minimal stairs as I'm starting to get older and although I'm fine with them now, let's prepare for the future as I enter my Golden oldie years
-I prefer a moderately active family that will keep me moving with fun adventures
-A laid back household that matches my personality is ideal
-I'd be fine in a working home as long as I had a dog companion and got daily exercise, BUT if an only dog, I'd need someone who is not gone long hours...someone who doesn't work, works from home or works part time
-I'd enjoy a nice, gentle dog companion, but I'd be fine as an only dog if you are my best friend and I get to socialize with other dogs
-Orthopedic dog beds to lounge around on to protect my joints as I age

If you're looking for a super sweet and snuggly, easy going love bug to spend your days with, I'm your dream dog! I'm just a low maintenance, low key girl who wants to be by your side in your daily activities. Whether it be snoozing on the couch beside you while you watch TV or riding with you in the car while you run errands, I'm content just being with you. I'll even protect you from the UPS truck and driver by giving my best bark...those UPS trucks are quite scary you know :-) Please just understand that I'm wary of strangers in the beginning, but I mean them no harm. I love everyone in time, but I'm a "chicken" at heart. You will not find a sweeter girl than me to be the light of your life! So, please tell Santa that I'm first on your list as I'm right here waiting to share my life with you!

Luv, Daisy

Photos by Susan Peck Photography

Additional information: *Housetrained *Current on shots