Meet Rainey!

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Rainey (Courtesy Post)

Breed: Golden Retriever/SharPei Mix
Age: 7
Weight: 42 lbs
Altered: Yes

**Rainey is not in the AGN rescue program. She is a courtesy post and living with her owners. AGN is not accepting applications on Rainey so if interested, please contact her owner directly at**

Have you ever seen a cuter face? I'm Rainey, a Golden Retriever and Shar Pei mix! That's right! I really love my family, but sadly my young human siblings have really bad allergies and my parents know it's best if I find a new home where I can get the most attention and love possible!

Personality Traits: My mom describes me as energetic, athletic, tender, protective, cuddly. I LOVE to run and play.

Status with People: I LOVE people. I get so excited and I do jump sometimes to give visitors a hug, but it's just because I'm excited to see you! I love children and I have young twin siblings in my home now. I give them lots of kisses and like to play, but sadly they have allergies and that's why I need to find a new home. I'd love a home with kids so I can continue to love on them and have some tiny human friends.

Status with Dogs: I like other dogs and sniff and investigate new doggie friends until I feel comfortable and then I open up. I am a dominant female but friendly. I have a Goldendoodle sibling in my current home which I love and play with all day. When it comes to my toys and meal times, I can be protective, so it's best if I have another doggie sibling in my new home that we are fed seperately.

Status with Cats: Status unknown, but I do chase bunnies and squirrels so I may chase a kitty if I see one.

Favorite Toys: I love rope toys, antlers and frisbees!

Energy Level: Moderate energy overall and sometimes very excited if I see a squirrel or someone knocks at the door.

House Trained: yes

Crate Trained: yes and I am used to sleeping in my crate at night and when I'm home alone.

House Manners: Good

Storm Phobia: No

Leash Manners: I do well with a harness...I can wiggle out of my neck collar. AGN recommends the "Walk Your Dog with Love" harness

Exercise: I love walks and I have a big yard where I am able to run and play with my GoldenDoodle sister each day. I would like a new home where I get a good bit of excercise every day.

Car Rides: I love car rides!

Additional Info I do have a torn ACL, but it has not yet required surgery but my Vet said it may probably happen again someday. My parents monitor my excercise and running carefully so that we can avoid another injury. If I run too much, I can begin to favor it.

My ideal family is one who has large fenced-in yard (with at least a 6 ft. fence--I can jump high!) and a family who is home most of the day. I used to stay in my kennel for 7 hours while my family worked, but the last couple years, since my mom stays home, I am accustomed to not being in her crate as much. If would be great if I could have at least one parent at home during the day to give me all the love and attention I am used to. I'd also love another doggy sibling because I'll miss my Goldendoodle sister a lot. I am the dominant female in my home now, so another non-dominate dog would be a great match. I love having another pup to play with.

So, if you're looking to adopt a sweetie pie who is active and loveable, look no further! Please email if you're interested in making me part of your family!

Luv, Rainey