Meet Claire!

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Breed: Golden Retriever (purebred)
Age: 7-8 years old
Weight: 67lbs
Altered: Yes

CHARMING CLAIRE WILL STEAL YOUR HEART! Loving, super sweet, happy, laid back, velcro shadow who wants nothing more than your love and affection! Hi...I'm Claire. I'm a gorgeous 7-8 year old, female Golden Retriever. I may not look my best physically right now, but I'm well on my way to taking your breath away with my beauty, both inside and out. I weigh 67 pounds.

I was surrendered to the shelter as a breeder dog who lived on a chain. AGN was called to rescue me and the volunteers were shocked at my sad condition when they arrived. I suffered from severe neglect. I had major skin infections that caused large open wounds due to that neglect. AGN rushed me to the vet for the urgent care I needed. Now my skin has healed and I'm well on my way to growing back a healthy and gorgeous coat. My entire back end had to be shaved, but it will all grow back in. I'll look like a show dog in time.

Claire upon intake:

Claire now!!:

Personality Traits: I'm an incredibly sweet, loving, laid back "velcro shadow". Adore my humans, adults and children. Starved for attention and affection right now due to my neglectful past. Polite, social and friendly with everyone. Sometimes I'll "talk" to you with a growly voice and occasional bark. I'll even give you a "submissive smile" if I think I'm in trouble. I love peanut you have peanut butter to share?

Status with People:I'm sweet and friendly with all people and children. I do well with children and have older children in my foster home, but I really cherish my foster mom. I really adore all humans.

Status with Dogs: Until coming to AGN, I've been void of canine companionship or interactions with other dogs other than breeding. I'm now in a foster home with three other dogs. I do fine co-existing with the older dogs, but I do not like the 8 month old Golden pup that constantly gets in my face and wants to play. That is way too much for me. I immediately let him know that I'm in charge. Actually, all the the furry fellas know that I'm the girl in charge of the dog pack. Girls rule! Since I prefer to be in charge of the dogs in the household, I'd cherish being an only dog to soak up all the love and attention I've missed over the years, but I'd be okay to co-exist with an older, mellow, neutral temperament dog.

Status with Cats: Cats unknown

Favorite Toys:Sadly, I do not understand the concept of toys...yet. I bet I'll learn in time if you play with me. I'll take a stuffy toy if you hand it to me, but I don't know exactly what to do with it.

Energy Level: I'm quite mellow. I'm lower to moderate overall. I'm a great "hang out with you" kind of gal. I just want to be where you are. I'm happy just being with you and will match your energy.

House Trained:Yes and will bark if I need to go out

Crate Trained:No and not needed.

House Manners:Perfect lady that doesn't bother a thing. I just follow you around or happily lounge on my orthopedic dog beds. I really enjoy my comfy dog beds.

Storm Phobia:I do well on leash with my Walk Your Dog With Love harness.

Leash Manners:Good on leash with my Walk Your Dog With Love harness. I'm strong and walk fast so you need to be a somewhat fast walker to keep up with my natural pace. I love to take my walks and do so in areas where there are lots of people to greet me. I'm a hit wherever I go.

Exercise:I enjoy daily walks. I'm more of a leisurely stroll kind of walker.

Car Rides:Great, I enjoy car rides. Hang out in the backseat. Need a little boost to get in so a ramp or steps would be a good idea. If you want to run errands, go to the beach, or just a joy ride...I'll be your car buddy.

Special Needs: My front bottom teeth are ground down almost to the gum. This is likely because I tried to chew off my chain for years. Care to my teeth will be important. Take a glucosamine supplement for my joints. This will help maintain my mobility as I age.

Things I need in my forever home:
-Low key family that likes to take leisurely walks through the neighborhood and strolls in the park.
-I've been void of human interaction for most of my life and crave attention so I need someone who is home more often than not to shower me with affection.
-I'd prefer to be an only dog, but would be fine with a calm, older dog who is happy just co-existing with me and not playing
-I need orthopedic dog beds to protect my joints and bring me comfort when I nap and sleep. I love my orthopedic dog beds!
-A townhome/condo is fine as long as I get the exercise I need.

I'm SWEET SWEET SWEET! If you're looking for a furry best friend and Golden who cherishes you, then I'm your girl. My low key energy is perfect if you're someone who just enjoys life and takes advantage of each day with your loving companion by your side. Whatever you're doing, I'll be there with you. Does it get any better than that?

Luv, Claire

Photos by Amanda Murray Photography

Additional information: *Housetrained *Current on shots