Meet CiCi!

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Breed: Goldendoodle
Age: 1 year old
Weight: 42lbs
Altered: Yes

A SWEET SNUGGLE BUG ALERT!!! Hi I'm CiCi. I'm the sweetest, most snuggly, social butterfly that you can dream of! I'm a 1 year old Goldendoodle. My DOB is 3/9/18. I'm 75% Golden Retriever and 25% Poodle. I'm a petite and stunning love bug at on 42 pounds. I'm thin and could put on a few pounds. My deep mahogany red color is GORGEOUS! And my coat is like silk. The photos do not do me justice. I radiate with love and happiness, along with being stunning!

I was surrendered to AGN because my family did not have enough time for the needs of an older puppy. They worked all day, had young children and they had to keep me crated long hours. They realized that I needed someone with enough time and energy to commit to me as I'm an active older puppy. I'm having a blast with my foster family and now ready to start my life with my true forever family.

Personality Traits: I'm an absolute sweetheart who is loving, cuddly, energetic, fun and a typical Golden velcro shadow. Social butterfly who never meets a stranger. Loves dogs and children. I'm super smart with major potential if training is maximized.

Status with People:I love all people and adore children. Wonderful with children and used to living with them in my previous home. I'm super social and everyone is my BFF. I jump to greet people in excitement so this needs to be redirected with positive reinforcement training. Super snuggly with anyone who will cuddle up with me.

Status with Dogs: I spent a great deal of time at an in-home doggy daycare. I was like a celebrity there as I was so loved. I'm GREAT with other dogs, all dogs, all sizes and both genders. Love to run and play. Currently have two furry foster siblings.

Status with Cats: Cats unknown, but likely would want to play.

Favorite Toys:I LOVE TOYS!!!! I also like to have all the stuffies so will take them from my foster siblings. Love my stuffy toys and my "giggly ball". Like to carry my stuffy around in my mouth. Enjoy playing ball. I'll chase it and bring it back, but prefer not to give it back to you. If you trade me for a treat, I'll learn to drop it. Also like hard chews such as Nylabones. Like to play tug with one of my furry foster sisters with a rope toy.

Energy Level: High energy like any older puppy, but not hyperactive. Active and energetic outside with my furry foster siblings, but will settle down for snuggles on the couch with my humans.

House Trained:Yes.

Crate Trained:Yes. I sleep in my crate without issue at night. Go right in and do not make a peep. According to my previous owners, I'm distressed in my crate if you leave me alone during the day. This is likely because I was left many hours alone in the crate. Because of this, my foster family does not crate me when they leave. I stay out in the home with my furry foster siblings and have done fine. They are only gone short timeframes.

House Manners:PUPPY PROOF, but I have good house manners for a puppy. Not destructive, but must get enough exercise to not become destructive since older puppy and energetic. I counter surf and I'm good at it. The problem is solved if you keep tempting items off the counter tops. ***I have a confession...I have a SOCK OBSESSION. I will swallow socks if I get a chance. I will find them if in the laundry, in the closet, etc. so you must make sure all socks are put up securely***

Leash Manners:I pull and am strong for my petite stature. Need some positive reinforcement training with leash walking. My Walk Your Dog With Love harness is key to reduce my pulling.

Exercise: Older pup with high energy so must get significant daily exercise. Need lots of time to run and play. Get a lot of exercise in foster home playing with my furry foster sibling. I'm also used to doggy daycare from my previous home so enjoy the socialization and activity with other dogs.

Car Rides:I'm great in the car and love to go.

Basic Commands:I really respond to my name wonderfully. I'm great at Sit and will give you good attention with both my name and sit. I'm so smart and really need someone to maximize my training to reach the potential that I have.

Things I need in my forever home:
-Active family that likes to exercise daily by taking lots of walks/runs, hikes, swimming and fun outdoor adventures - I need lots and lots of exercise and playtime
-Someone who doesn't work, works from home or works part time. I just do not do well being left alone long. I'm getting better knowing that my foster siblings are with me and foster mom is coming back, but I need human interaction. I'm used to my foster mom being home with me and my furry siblings most of the time. I thrive in this environment. I'm young and active and need someone with the time to commit to my exercise and training
-Positive reinforcement obedience training classes - This will help us bond and build our relationship and it so much fun; I'd excel at agility and fly ball
-Children would be great to play with as I've always lived with them - I love kids and I'm great with them. I'm gentle with children and since they are tiny humans.
-I MUST have an active dog that will play with me as I love to play with other dogs and do not do well alone
-Someone who understands my sock obsession and is committed to making sure socks in the home are not accessible to me

So if you're looking for an INCREDIBLE family dog who's an active older pup that settles down to snuggle, you won't find a sweeter more loving, fun, happy dog than me. I'm waiting for that special someone who'll maximize my potential and offer me unconditional love....and stuffy toys and balls to endlessly play with. Everyone falls in love with me as I'm truly "Sweet Cici".

Luv, CiCi

Additional information: *Housetrained *Current on shots