Meet Chase!

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Breed: Golden Retriever (purebred)
Age: 4 years old
Weight: 65 lbs
Altered: Yes

Easy going, friendly, affectionate, intelligent, eager to please, curious and sometimes silly! Loving companion who will match your energy...capable of being quite active, yet laid back overall! Hi, I'm Chase. I'm a 4 year old Golden Retriever. I weigh 65 pounds. Aren't I the handsome fella?

I came to AGN because my owners could no longer care for me. I'm now living life inside for the first time with my wonderful foster family and waiting for a forever family to call my own. Could you be my special someone?

Personality Traits: I'm an absolute sweetheart who can sometimes be like a puppy in an adult body learning the world for the first time. Blossoming each day as I learn the luxuries of living inside. Need positive reinforcement as I continue to learn. Sometimes timid with situations, so I shouldn't be rushed through gates, into cars or at the vet’s office. Need someone who will be patient with me and encourage me when I get fearful, not someone that will raise their voice at me as I will shut down and potentially flee. Social and affectionate. Polite and friendly with everyone and excited to meet new people, sometimes jumping in happiness. Cherish my humans and want nothing more than to be where you are. Yes, I'm a typical Golden velcro shadow with the pitter patter of my paws taking every step with you. I'm a fantastic dog with major potential. Need someone with dog experience and a commitment to maximize my potential. Dog loving, toy loving bundle of love!

Status with People:I'm good with all people and children. Friendly, social and excited to meet new friends, often jumping up when greeting because everyone is my BFF. Although great with children, not suitable for a home with children at this time. Need someone to focus on me right now. I can be a flight risk if fearful. Need someone who is hyper-vigilant with my confidence building in situations that make me uncomfortable. I'm a work in progress and making positive steps forward each day. Because I do love children, I'd enjoy being around them in some capacity, with your supervision.

Status with Dogs: I LOVE dogs and learn from them. I'm much more confident with the companionship of another dog than without one. Good with other dogs of all sizes and love to run, play and wrestle. Share dog toys nicely and initiate play. Currently, have two furry foster siblings who are Goldens. We get along wonderfully. I enjoy the dog park. Off leash in the dog park, I don’t have good recall yet. On leash, sometimes I get so excited when I see other dogs that it startles them, so I need redirection and practice at focus/attention so I behave more calmly on leash when meeting other dogs. I'm middle of the pack in my foster home, with the older male Golden being dominant, while the 1 year old goofy Golden (who is my best buddy) is submissive to me. I lean on the neutral side with confidence, and can change based on the dog I'm with.

Status with Cats: Cats unknown, but I chase squirrels so probably cats, too.

Favorite Toys: I love toys, but favorites are things to chew on such as elk antlers, Himalayan chews, buffalo horns. I like my Kong toy. I likely would enjoy stuffy toys, but my young furry foster brother destroys them. I enjoy playing ball, so get your throwing arm ready.

Energy Level: Moderate energy overall. I'm a happy, excited fella sometimes, especially when meeting new people and playing with my dog friends...and chilled out other times. I'm a laid back type of guy generally, but still active as I'm young so exercise is important.

House Trained:Yes, but a schedule is important for me and paying close attention to my subtle cues. I walk around the house and might look out the back door. If you do not pay attention to me, I might have an accident by the door. AGN recommends training me to poochie bells so that I can offer clear communication that I need to go out. Right now, I don't like to go out to potty alone as I'm afraid of being left in the backyard. Please step out with me so I feel secure. This will improve with time and the security of knowing you will not leave me outside alone.

Crate Trained: Do not need it - not used in my foster home

House Manners:Good house manners, but puppy proof! Free roam and not destructive but sometimes curious. My foster family is not gone long hours and they keep an eye on me as learn what are my toys and what are not. Occasionally I may find fun in chewing on paper or a sock. I sleep on an orthopedic dog bed in my foster parents' room, but will gladly be your "bed buddy" if you invite me.

Storm Phobia:No

Leash Manners:Need work on leash manners when I see other dogs due to my excitement. This goes for squirrels also. I will sometimes pull, whine and stand up on my back legs so my handler must be strong enough to not let me go. Need positive reinforcement training to learn to focus on my human to settle in down in my exuberance. When walking without seeing other potential dog friends, I do well on my Walk Your Dog With Love Harness.

Exercise:I get a lot of exercise in my foster home and need that level of exercise due to my young age. Put on your walking shoes...I do quite a bit of walking with my foster family. Also enjoy going to the dog park and playing with my dog friends at home.

Car Rides: Riding in the car is a newer experience for me. I now jump in if one of my dog buddies goes first. Without a dog buddy to follow into the car, it can be a challenge to get me in. I'm easily frightened if you try and hurry me or rush me into the car, and I even try to run away. Patient training with lots of positive reinforcement will be necessary in my new home. Once in, I love to ride in the car. I'm not nervous at all. I look out the window or take a little nap.

Basic Commands: Sit. Working on Wait, Down (Lie Down) and Here (Recall)

Special Needs: I'm a work in progress and making solid steps forward. Right now I'm a flight risk when something is scary for me. I need a no slip/martingale all fabric collar added on when away from the home or my Walk Your Dog With Love Harness. I should not be leashed to a buckle collar in case it breaks or comes over my head. I should not be left in the backyard alone. I can be an escape artist if I think you've left me alone in the yard.

Things I need in my forever home:
-Dog experienced family who understands that I'm learning much of the world for the first time. I'm often like a puppy in an adult body. I must have someone who is fully committed to giving me attention, socialization, guidance and confidence building with positive reinforcement training. I must have a patient person and not someone who gets frustrated and raises their voice. I'm a work in progress, making incredible steps forward, but need someone fully committed to me.
-Moderately active family that enjoys spending time walking, hiking, etc. as I'm accustomed to multiple walks daily, along with playtime with my dog friends
-Because of the time commitment needed for me right now, I need someone who is home more often than not. I'm typically not alone for more than 3-4 hours at a time
-Positive reinforcement obedience training classes are highly recommended. This will help us strengthen our relationship and it's fun!
-MUST have another dog in the home that will play with me and be my companion. I learn from other dogs and this builds my confidence in situations that are scary for me.
-Townhome is acceptable for me as long as you are an avid walker since I get 4 miles of walking daily. So if you're seeking a wonderful companion who is sweet, friendly, laid back, enjoys walks, loves dogs and loves toys, I'm you're perfect match. If you have the time to commit to my training, socialization and confidence building...and you're prepared to take a few extra safety precautions as I progress along my journey, then I'm ready to make you proud as we accomplish great things together. My foster family adores me and so will you! I can't wait to start life with my forever family!

Luv, Chase

Photos by Kathryn Freeburg

Additional information: *Housetrained *Current on shots