Meet Charlie!

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Breed: Golden Retriever (purebred)
Age: 9 years
Gender: male
Weight: 75 lbs
Altered: Yes

Get ready to fall in love! CHARMING, SWEET, LOVING, HAPPY, BALL LOVING, VELCRO SHADOW looking for a lifetime of love, fun and adventures with my forever family by my side. That's me...Charlie! My soulful eyes will melt your heart. I'm an approximately 9 year old Golden who will bring joy and laughter to your life each day. My peaceful nature makes the world a better place. I'm lean and tall like a super model at 75 pounds. Don't let my "sugar face" fool you, I'm quite the spunky senior.

My past is a sad one, but my future is bright thanks to AGN. I was dumped off at a kind home a few years ago. It was a wonderful home with children, dogs and cats, but after I was a part of the family for a few years, they had to move and could not take their pets with them. So, here I am starting over again and looking for my true forever family this time. Could it be you? My foster family adores me and says that someone is going to "hit the jackpot" with me. They say "I'm just heaven". I think that means I'm a special fella :-)

Personality Traits: There are no words to describe how WONDERFUL I am! All around sweetheart who is the typical loving Golden, velcro shadow, ultimate snuggle bug, gentle, easy going; I adore being with my humans and furry friends; social butterfly who's friendly to everyone and always happy to make new friends

Status with People: Social and outgoing; love all people and children; live with a 12 year old in my foster home who I just cherish; ultimate velcro shadow who craves affection

Status with Dogs: Great with other dogs and a bit on the submissive side, neutral and avoids conflict; have two female furry foster sisters who are a bit dominant; I accept that, but am sad sometimes as I want to play with them so I play with my toys and foster mom a lot; lived with dogs in my previous home and loved to play and snuggle with them

Status with Cats: Love cats and will snuggle up with them; lived with cats in my previous home and now in my foster home

Favorite Toys: LOVE LOVE LOVE to play ball and will play as long as you'll let me so please monitor me as I'll play all day; love stuffy toys and sometimes de-stuff them for fun; enjoy squeaky toys....ok, I love all toys; I'll take my toys to my food bowl and keep them there for safe keeping; I'll even put my ball in my food bowl

Energy Level: Lower energy inside with moderate energy outside

House Trained: Yes

Crate Trained: No, I have free roam in the house and do great; I sleep on my orthopedic dog bed or the couch; I like to snuggle with my humans so I might even curl up in bed with you; In my previous home I slept with one of the children

House Manners: Wonderful manners in the house and not destructive in any way; perfect gentleman and don't bother anything

Storm Phobia: None seen in foster home, but startled by gun shots in the distance and sudden loud noises

Leash Manners: Good on Leash

Exercise:I get quite a bit of exercise walking in the woods through trails, the neighborhood and retrieving the ball; I'm lean and at my ideal weight with no signs of arthritis so I'm quite active for my age; daily walking, hiking and ball playing will keep me young

Car Rides:A little nervous in the car so I need to go on lots of fun adventures so I associate the car with positive things

Basic Commands: Sit, Down, Paw (Shake)

Medical: Tend to have dry skin so on Welactin Omega 3 Supplement

Things I need in my forever home:
-Someone who wants a true best furry friend to hang out with and snuggle up with; I want to take every step you do so I love being a part of your daily routine; I'm a cuddle bug so I like lounging on the couch with you and being where I can touch you at all times
-A moderately active family that likes to engage in gentle daily exercise such as strolls through the neighborhood and park, leisurely hikes through the trails, etc....and of course, playing ball with me (just not for too long as I do NOT know my own limitations since I love to play ball)
-I'd do best in a home where someone is not gone long hours as I crave attention from my humans and am used to my previous family and foster family being home with me
-I'd do best in a home with another nice, older dog that will play gently with me and enjoy being my buddy; a cat would be great, too!
-Gentle children would be wonderful as I adore children, but they must respect that I'm an older gentleman; although not a fragile senior, I will be at some point
-Orthopedic beds and comfy couch blankets for me to lounge on and take naps
-Someone with lots and lots of tennis balls and toys!

So, if you're looking for a wonderful Golden to melt your heart each day with love and happiness and you embrace the sound of the pitter patter of paws behind your every step, I'm the perfect pup for you. I'm truly the SWEETEST, CUDDLE BUG EVER! And If you have LOTS and LOTS of tennis balls to share, we'll be best buddies. I'm really a special fella and everyone that meets me just falls in love with me. I'll be here waiting on you so that we can start our journey together.

Luv, Charlie

Photos by Amanda Murray Photography and Charlie's foster mom

Additional information: *Housetrained *Current on shots