Meet Bosco!

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Breed: Golden Retriever (purebred)
Age: 13 years
Weight: 65 lbs
Altered: Yes

DRUM ROLL PLEASE...SPUNKIEST SENIOR ON EARTH! Spunky, Spritely, Exuberant, Bouncy, Happy, Puppyish...that's me, Bosco! I'm the "youngest" senior in the world...seriously! I have more spunk than most young dogs so get ready for fun times! I'm a...wait for it...13 year old Golden Retriever. I weigh approximately 65 pounds. Every pound is full is love and joy! I may look a little worn, but my heart and soul are as beautiful as you can imagine. To know me is to fall head over heels in love with me.

I was surrendered to the shelter in horrible condition. My nails were so long that I could barely walk. I was riddled with infection. I was a mess physically, but my spirit was not broken. AGN volunteers rescued me and now I'm a healthy "pup". I likely will always wear the physical "scars" of my neglect, but that just makes me special. I'm like the Velveteen Rabbit... a little worn, wise and older, but I'm the symbol of real's ups and downs; it's tragedies and triumphs. I deserve all the good that life has to offer. And oh boy, is someone going to be blessed to have me as a part of their family. Could you be the lucky one?

Personality Traits:I'm a bouncy ball of happiness who loves life! I will touch your heart in ways you didn't think possible with my unbreakable spirit, joyful exuberance and sweet, sassy disposition. Absolute sweetheart who is adorable, loving, social and friendly with everyone. Craves affection, persistent in getting attention and have a lot to "talk" about. I'm a happy barking/talking pup! I'm really excited about the world and most everything in it.

Status with People: Everyone is my friend and I love them...everyone! Social butterfly. Jumpy in excitement and happiness so might knock over children by accident.

Status with Dogs: I'm great with other dogs and like to play. I've never met a dog that I don't like and assume every dog likes me just as much. Everyone is my friend. Have three furry foster siblings and love to play with them non-stop. Enjoy sharing toys, gently wrestling and playing tug.

Status with Cats: Unknown, but would likely want to play.

Favorite Toys: I LOVE stuffy toys! And love to share them and play tug with my dog friends.

Energy Level: I'm the "wears everyone in the household out" level...Yes, I am! I told you I'm a spunky senior. I've got as much energy as an older pup most of the time. I've discovered the fountain of doggie youth!

House Trained: Yes.

Crate Trained: No; I have free roam of the house without issue. I only was destructive once when two of my foster siblings went for a walk without me. Foster mom and dad realized that I didn't want to miss out on the fun, so now we all go together. I do bark when foster mom and dad leave, but I'm fine with my foster siblings.

House Manners:I have good house manners. Free roam and not destructive. I do bark a lot and that's part of my personality. Sleep on an orthopedic dog bed or doggie cot in my foster parent's room. I do love food so get ready to share healthy "treats" with me.

Storm Phobia: None seen.

Leash Manners:I walk nicely on my Walk Your Dog With Love harness.

Exercise: 2-3 miles per day. Daily walks twice a day of 1.5 miles each time, plus playtime with my dogs friends and chasing my toys.

Car Rides: I'm good in the car and like to go. I need a little boost or a ramp to get in and out.

Basic Commands:Sit, Off, Watch Me

Special Needs:I have battled chronic skin infections, resulting from an overgrowth of yeast. I've made tremendous improvement with medicated baths once or twice a week. The last places to clear up will likely be around my eyes. Improvement will continue over time, but I may never look "perfect" to the human eye. But who is perfect? I'm as beautiful as it gets inside. My nutrition is important. Adding pumpkin and fresh, healthy toppers to my food has helped me. My skin is a work in progress and may be for a long time. I must have someone committed to continuing my protocol. Because of my age, I take a glucosamine supplement called Dasuquin. This helps maintain my healthy joints. I likely have some arthritis due to age, but you would never know it. I can jump straight up and do stairs without issue.

Things I need in my forever home:
-Someone committed to my skin protocol as I've made great progress, but still a ways to go.
-Someone who enjoys my "happy barking"'s just a part of my personality. You need to embrace it as I'm a vocal fella. If barking bothers you in the slightest, I am NOT the dog for you.
-Moderately active family that is ready for "Bosco fun". One who likes to exercise daily by taking walks through the neighborhood, strolls in the park and gentle hikes.
-I live for and crave human attention so I would not do well left alone for long hours. I would bark. My foster dad works from home and I play with furry foster siblings most of the day. I'd be fine if someone were gone a few hours at a time as long as I have a dog buddy that will play with me, just not long hours.
-Older children who are mature enough to play gently would be fine as I really like children. I do jump and I jump straight up so small children are not ideal. I likely would knock them down.
-I'd prefer a nice dog companion who is gentle in play, but will still gently wrestle, tug and share toys. I adore my dog friends.
-I'd likely be fine as an only dog if you're committed to spending most of your time with me to be my BFF. That means playing with me like my dog friends do as I'd get board without that daily fun. Remember...I'm spunky and sassy!
-Townhome would be acceptable if you are an avid walker as I enjoy playing in my backyard. I'd need extra walks to replace that backyard playtime with my dog friends.

So if you think you can keep up with me, you'll be the luckiest person in the world to adopt me. I'm something else...a total doggie celebrity. Every person who meets is mesmerized by me. You'll understand when I steal your heart and make you smile like you've never smiled before. Watch all of my videos and you'll get a glimpse of how incredible I am. I truly am one of a kind and it seems I've actually discovered the fountain of youth! Bosco the magnificent!

Luv, Bosco

Photos by Susan Peck Photography and videos by Bosco's foster family

Additional information: *Housetrained *Current on shots