Meet Boogie!

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Breed:Golden Retriever (purebred)
Age: Approx 10yrs
Weight: 85 lbs
Altered: Yes

Hey there, I’m Boogie! Don’t be scared, I’m not like the Boogie Man---I’m a precious Boogie-Bear and my foster family says I’m the “sweetest, calmest Golden you’ll ever meet!” I’m a 10 year old Golden boy who weighs 85 lbs and is looking for my furever family!

I was surrendered to AGN when my family had a change of life circumstances and they wanted the best for me....they knew AGN would find the perfect forever family to love me all of my days!

Personality Traits: I’m everyone’s easy-going best friend – I love meeting new people and charming them by offering them my paw. I prefer relaxed environments where I can love my people and they can love me without a lot of high-energy activity. I enjoy the company of other calm pups, but I’m truly the classic Velcro-shadow Golden.

Status with People:I LOVE people who are relaxed like me. I’m happy as a clam just being around my humans. I tend to get overwhelmed around a lot of noise and commotion, so I would do better in a home without young children.

Status with Dogs:I do well with other pups and get along well with my two foster siblings. We don’t play much together but we like to be near each other.

Status with Cats: I haven’t been around cats in my foster home and but based on my calm demeanor and people-orientation, I would probably be OK with cats.

Favorite Toys: I don’t need toys to have fun, I just need my people. I’ll leave fetching to the youngin’s – let’s sit on the porch and enjoy sunset!

Energy Level: I’m a low energy guy, preferring cuddles and paw shakes over runs.

House Trained: Yes—when my foster family goes out I have free roam of the house and I haven’t had any accidents.

Crate Trained: I don’t have a crate in my foster home and haven’t had any issues.

House Manners: I’m the perfect member of the household – no bad habits in my foster home.

Leash Manners: I LOVE to go on walks and I’m so well behaved on a leash…I don’t pull and don’t pay much attention to other animals or people we see on walks.

Exercise:: I get tots of fresh air and play time in my fenced yard every day. I also like to take walks sometimes during my foster mom’s lunch, schedule permitting. I also love mental exercise with kibble treats for tricks.

Car Rides: As an older guy, I need a little help getting into a car, but once I’m in I’m just fine.

Basic Commands: Sit, down, stay, come, paw.

Storm Phobia:I get a little nervous but settle down quickly if I’m by my people.

Special Needs:As an older gentleman, my joints aren’t what they used to be, so I’d prefer a home without a lot of steps. I’m also carrying a little bit of winter weight that would be great to lose with the help of my new parents.

Things I need in my forever home:
-A relaxed home that’s happy for me to be around them enjoying their company in low-energy ways
-Someone who works part time or from home. I do fine when my foster parents are away for a few hours but I would do better with someone who is home most of them time—I will become very fond of you and like to be near my people.
-A home without children, or with older (teenage) kids who know how to be calm and love on a sweet, low-key guy like me
-I’d be fine as an only dog but I also do well with other dogs, especially when my foster parents leave the house.

So if you’re ready for the ultimate Velcro-shadow who just wants to be with my “people” to love, I’m your guy, sweet Boogie-Woogie. I’ve got so much left to give! Will you be my forever family?

Luv, Colby

Photos by Susan Peck Photography Additional information: *Housetrained *Current on shots