Meet Blaze!

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Breed: Golden Retriever/Collie (mix)
Age: 2 years
Weight: 55lbs
Altered: Yes

FUN FURRY BEST FRIEND ALERT! Are you looking for a furry best friend with the ability and desire to do something active and awesome....Agility, Rally, Fly Ball, Running Partner, etc.? Have you been waiting for a FUN and ENERGETIC dog...a sweet, love the world and everything in it. energetic older puppy who will enhance your life with love, laughter and cuddles? A goofy, bouncy, happy, ball loving companion to spend your days with? You found me...I'm Blaze and it's been my name since birth so I know it well. I'm a 2 year old Golden Retriever/Collie mix who's full of "puppy-ness". I possess the characteristics of both of my breeds so it's important that you appreciate the potential and the understand the challenges that come with my breed mix. I have the "Golden personality" with herding dog in me, which means I'm super sweet and crazy smart, but I do indeed herd occasionally. That's why I'd be so great with a "job" such as agility or rally, etc. I could give those Border Collies a run for their money in the agility ring! My DOB is 4/1/2016. I weigh approximately 55 pounds. I'm quite a handsome young fella with loads of potential for doggy greatness if you keep up my training and maximize it. I have a good foundation of basic commands after working with a professional trainer, but If you don't keep up my training and progress me forward, I will not retain what I've learned. Practice makes perfect!

Here are the things that I learned in "Doggy School":
-Default Sit and Down
-Wait (at doorways and coming out of crate)
-Leash walking (uses Gentle Leader)
-Look (make eye contact)

All about my sweet personality:
-Fun, active, happy, super sweet "velcro shadow" with never-ending enthusiasm for life
-Ultimate cuddle bug and lap dog who adores attention and affection
-Energetic and in the "adolescent phase" of puppyhood which means I like to test my boundaries all in fun
-Mouthy, jumpy puppy right now - will jump on you in joyful exuberance and jump and nip at body parts while playing with you - My trainer has worked with me on this and I no longer do it with her or foster mom, but it will take you reinforcing my training
-Friendly and social with everyone - I never meet a stranger EVER! I'm a hit every time I go to Home Depot or Petsmart!
-Love all people and children, but too much "puppy" for children right now - I'm happy and jumpy so children should be in their teenage years so they can run and play with me and redirect appropriately my puppy "mouthing" in a positive way
-Good with other dogs and want to play - Enjoy running, playing and wrestling with my 2 year old Golden sibling - I assume every dog is as happy and playful as me so best with active dogs like me - In foster home with three male Goldens
-Seem to be fine with cats as I ignore them at the pet store
- Incredibly smart and need someone to work with me to maximize my potential by continuing positive reinforcement training and taking formal obedience classes
-So smart that sometimes I can get over-stimulated and push my boundaries until I understand what you expect from me - Guide me with positive reinforcement as I'm eager to please - Thrive on a structured routine
-Would be a GREAT agility dog, rally dog, fly ball dog or running partner
-Overall confident fella with a wonderful, stable temperament
-Dense coat that needs alot of brushing and grooming

Things I enjoy:
-• Playing, running and wrestling with my furry foster siblings • Playing fetch with the tennis ball - I'll bring it right back to you and drop it for you to throw it again...and again and again • Toys, toys and more toys...did I say I LOVE toys? • Walking/jogging through the neighborhood and parks -I walk GREAT on my Gentle Leader! • Car rides - I just want to be with you so I'm ready to go for a ride when you are; I ride nicely and look out the window • Belly rubs - oh boy I love those belly rubs

My house manners:
-Housetrained - I'll go to the door and whine when I need to go out: I'd be great to train to ring "poochie bells" on the door to signal I need to go out
-Crate trainedand do well in my crate - I'm currently on a structured crating routine when foster mom is as work and thrive on that routine

Things that scare me:
-People yelling is very scary for me so please be gentle with me and use all positive reinforcement training
-Please be gentle with me and use positive reinforcement training as I can be occasionally "head shy" and briefly cower - it's only for a moment and then I'm just fine.

Things I need to improve upon:
-Jumping on people in excitement and when meeting new people - This should be redirected by turning your back and rewarding me with positive reinforcement and treats when I put all four paws on the floor or when I default sit. In addition, if you walk in the door with a treat and have me sit immediately, I will focus on the treat and not jump. I'll also learn to sit for petting.

-Puppy mouthy/nipping - I still get puppy mouthy and nippy when playing so that should be redirected by putting a toy in my mouth each time; I mean no harm, but it's all puppy mouthing and nipping that has had never been redirected in a positive manner until I got to AGN
-Barking to get your attention or if being excluded from something fun you're doing - I will bark inside sometimes if I want something or if I'm being excluded from an activity, but I do not bark outside randomly, even while playing with my dog buddies - It's more about getting attention and my foster mom is working to redirect this behavior
-Leash walking off the Gentle Leader - I had never been on a leash until I came to AGN so I'm great on a Gentle Leader and will walk in "heel" position, but will pull and zig zag to sniff without it

Here are the things I need in my forever home:
-A fun and active human looking for a fun and active furry companion
-Someone who wants to maximize my potential and focus on giving me a type of "job" such as agility, rally, fly ball, running, hiking, etc.; Someone who understands the needs of both of my breeds and focuses on meeting those needs
-Someone who has the time, commitment and willingness to be consistent in training for an older puppy; I have a good foundation and I need someone to maintain it and maximize it
-Active, energetic family that likes to exercise daily by taking lots of walks, runs, hikes and fun outdoor adventures - I'd be a great running partner
-Someone who's not gone long hours; works from home or works part time or someone who would take me to doggy daycare if working - I'm an older puppy who needs training consistency, lots of exercise and lots of time committed to me
-Positive reinforcement obedience training classes - This will help us bond and build our relationship and I need to maintain all of my basic commands and not to jump in excitement. If you'll invest a year of training into me, I'll be a lifetime of a well-mannered gentleman. And did I say enough that I'd be a great agility, rally or fly ball dog and it's so much fun for both of us!
-Children are great as long as they are older and sturdy on their feet - Should be 13 and older with dog experience because I will jump, mouth and herd them
-I'd MUST HAVE an active dog that will play with me as I love to play; a dog companion must be able to tolerate my silly and sometimes annoying puppy antics; I'm not appropriate for a senior dog as I would want to play and it would not be fair for either of us
-Fenced yard because I need lots of exercise breaks to go outside and play ball throughout the day; safety when I go out to potty, play with a doggy friend or hang out with the family while they chill in the backyard

If you understand the greatness, the possibilities and the challenges associated with my breed mix and you're ready to maximize my "diamond in the rough" status, I'm you're perfect match! If you're looking for an all around great older happy, active puppy who's a fabulous snuggler, goofy lap dog with amazing potential and you're willing to put the time and commitment into positive reinforcement obedience training, I'm ready to come home with you. I'm just that dog that has a contagious personality because I'm so happy and sweet. You'll smile because I make the world sunny even on a rainy day!

Luv, Blaze

Photos by Susan Peck Photography

Additional information: *Housetrained *Current on shots