Meet Bella!

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Breed:Great Pyrenees
Age: 2 years
Weight: 92lbs
Altered: Yes

Have you be waiting for that special furry friend to share your life ultimate companion that will be by your side through all walks of life? Well, wait no further, you've found me! I'm Bella and I'm a loving, cuddly, happy, active, devoted and loyal sweetheart! I was sold by a breeder as an English Cream Golden Retriever, but I'm actually a stunning Great Pyrenees who the breeder passed off as an English Cream puppy. I'm 2 years old with a DOB of 7/5/15. I'm 92 pounds of sweetness and beauty!

I was surrendered to AGN because my family was moving into an apartment and could not have a dog. They wanted the best for me and asked AGN to find me a wonderful family that would love me forever. I'm now enjoying life with my foster family and waiting for my "meant to be" special someone to read my bio and fall in love!

Personality Traits: : True to a flock guardian breed, I'm devoted and loyal to my family and a bit wary of strangers at first, then I become their friend; precious girl who is sweet, loving, energetic and fun; gentle demeanor with lots of love to give; great family dog; due to my guardian nature I have leash reactivity outside of the home on walks - this means I become over-stimulated, territorial and then I bark, growl and lunge as other dogs, strangers or cars go by.

Status with People: Friendly, but a bit cautious at first; warms up quickly and then is social; snuggly and affectionate with my family; loyal and devoted to my "pack"; wonderful and gentle with children

Status with Dogs: Good with other dogs, but a confident and alpha female who prefers to be the "girl in charge" of the pack; give a growl if furry foster siblings try to take my chewy bone away from me while chewing on it (my furry foster sibling tries to take it out of mouth...not nice); lived as an only dog until entering foster home; currently have three furry foster siblings and best buddies with one of them; love to run and play with my furry foster siblings

Status with Cats: Curious about the cat in my foster home; follow the cat around but do not chase as she's a pretty laid back cat that doesn't run

Favorite Toys: Enjoy stuffy toys, but will de-stuff and get the squeaky out so should be monitored

Energy Level: Active and energetic outside with my furry foster siblings, but will settle down for snuggles inside

House Trained: Yes

Crate Trained: Do not need it and do not like it - not used in my foster home

House Manners: Good house manners; has free roam and not destructive; gets on the furniture and will lounge on the couch or curl up for snuggles in bed (yes, your bed); sleeps in bedroom with foster family

Storm Phobia: No, but afraid of fireworks (want to be inside and near my humans)

Leash Manners: Good on leash for such a young age with the Walk Your Dog With Love harness UNTIL I see another dog, strangers or car head lights...then the intense leash reactivity begins

Exercise: Young dog who's energetic and needs a large yard to play in, "perimeter check" and "guard"; needs lots of time to run and play outside; gets exercise in foster home by taking walks in areas where there are not other dogs and playing and romping with foster siblings in a large backyard

Car Rides: Like to ride in the car; go from front seat to backseat so a doggie seatbelt is used and then I'm just relaxed in the car

Basic Commands: Sit, Stay, Shake, Down (Lie Down), Leave It

Things I need in my forever home:
-A family with Great Pyrenees experience who understands the characteristics an needs of flock guardian dogs - We are not big, white Golden Retrievers!
-Active family that enjoys spending time outside in a large backyard; likes to exercise daily by taking walks and hikes; Someone who will take the extra effort to walk me in locations where I will not encounter many, if any, other dogs and strangers
-A working home is fine as long as I have a doggie sibling
-If no doggie sibling, I would need someone who doesn't work, works part time or works from home as I'm "pack" focused and used to companionship
-Older children would be fine as I'm gentle with them; I'd be a good family dog, but NOT one for the children to handle on leash
-I'd be good with another dog as long as that dog is NOT dominant as I'm an alpha female and like to be in charge; I'm good with other dogs, but am the leader of the pack; I like to play with other dogs of both genders, but I would do best in a home with MALE dogs who will let me be the leader
-I'd be fine as an only dog where I can soak up all the love and attention as long as I get enough exercise and you're not gone long hours
-6 foot, secure fence required as I enjoy the fun of playing in a big, fenced backyard with my dog friends, perimeter checking and guarding my territory; my breed is prone to roam trying to expand territory so extra precautions must be in place

So if you're experienced with flock guardian dogs and looking for a fabulous beauty who's sweet, active, lovey, gentle and cuddly, I'm your girl! If you're okay with the fact that I am intense if I see other dogs and strangers while on leash away from the home and you're completely committed to managing my leash reactivity, I'm right here waiting to start my life with you! I'm working on my leash reactivity, but it will be something that will be a long term project as it's natural for my breed to guard. A big, secure backyard is a must for me so I can fulfill my natural instincts. I'm ready and waiting to find my forever family who wants a super sweet "cuddle bug" to share their life with. Could it be you?

Luv, Bella

Additional information: *Housetrained *Current on shots