Meet Bayou!

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Breed: Golden Retriever & Basset Hound Mix
Age: 18 months
Weight: 31 lbs
Altered: Yes

Great things come in small packages! My name is Bayou, and no your eyes haven't deceived you...I'm indeed a small package that is extra special. Supposedly I'm a Golden Retriever/Bassett Hound mix, but AGN cannot confirm. I'm an amazing survivor from the Louisiana Bayou rescue operation. I came from a breeding/hoarding situation where I survived the elements, alligators, being shot, etc. after the breeder died. We were all rescued and sent to wonderful organizations across the US. I hit the jackpot when welcomed my AGN. I'm approximately 18 months old and weigh 31 pounds.

Personality Traits: I have the ideal disposition...happy, bouncy, playful, charming, friendly, cuddly and good with other dogs. Social butterfly who's a snuggly lap dog. Although still puppyish and love to play, I'm easy going overall. I have a bright and cheery personality and always welcome you home with joyful exuberance.

Status with People:Friendly and social with all people. Have not been around children yet, but likely fine.

Status with Dogs: Great with other dogs and love to play with them. Have 4 furry foster siblings. My best buddy is the male Golden my age who will wrestle, run, romp, chase and nap with me. Neutral and confident in temperament and get along with both genders. I've been with lots of dogs my entire life, so I thrive with them. I do not guard food or toys, but like to be "king" on the couch sometimes. When you're small, you must lead from on high, LOL! Really, I may give a soft "grrrr" and then foster mom just puts me on the floor to let me know that I'm not the king of the couch.

Status with Cats: : Unknown, but all about chasing a critter with my dog friends.

Favorite Toys: Enjoy balls, stuffy toys, nylabones and buffalo horns.

Energy Level: Moderate energy. This is because I have lots of dog friends to play with.

House Trained: Yes, I have free run of the house (that is totally puppy proofed) and have not gotten into any mischief. I did have some accidents at first, so consistency of schedule and positive reinforcement is important.

Crate Trained: Was not a fan of it, so I have free roam without issue. I hang with the other dogs in the home and do just fine.

House Manners: Good house manners. Not destructive. I am allowed on all the furniture and often sleep in the bed with my foster parents.

Leash Manners: Good on leash with my Walk Your Dog With Love harness.

Exercise:: I require moderate exercise, and walks are fun for me. I do have short legs so keep that in mind. I get typically one walk a day and then I'm playing a lot with my best dog buddy running and wrestling.

Car Rides: Good in the car and quite calm.

Basic Commands: Working on Sit and Down (Lie Down). I'd be great to take to positive reinforcement training classes. I'm smart and ready to learn.

Things I need in my forever home:
-Moderately active individual or family that wants a dog who enjoys lots of human affection and playtime with other dogs.
-Someone who is not gone long hours because I enjoy human interaction and have been deprived of it most of my life until now.
-I'd likely be fine with normal work hours IF I go to doggy daycare or you have varying hours to come check on me often. I would require another dog if in an 8-5 working home.
-Another dog would be great as I enjoy other dogs. My dog companion should be one who will play, run and wrestle with me.
-I'd likely be fine as an only dog if I went to doggy daycare often or got daily socialization and playtime with dog friends.
-A townhome/condo would be acceptable if there is an area for you to take me to play off-leash on a regular basis with my dog friends and I get daily walks.

I may be small in stature, but I'm big hearted! So if you're looking for a loving, happy, smaller furry companion to have fun with, go hang out at outside cafes with, take to the dog park, go on vacations, run errands around town, and just cuddle up with...I'm your pup! I enjoy life. I love people. I'm good with other dogs. I'm as cute as it gets. Seriously, what more could you ask for?

Luv, Bayou

Photos by Angel Pardue Additional information: *Housetrained *Current on shots