Meet Baxter!

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Breed: Goldendoodle
Age: almost 1 year
Weight: 70 lbs
Altered: Yes

DARLING DOODLE PUP SEEKING FUN, ACTIVE FAMILY TO LOVE! I'm Baxter the Goldendoodle. I'm more Golden than Doodle so I don't have the typical Doodle look. AGN was told 75% Golden and 25% Standard Poodle so that means I shed almost as much as a Golden Retriever. My DOB is 1/7/18. I weigh 70 pounds. I'm lean, long legged and can run like a gazelle. I'll charm my way into your heart! I'm the happiest, high energy, playful, goofy, LOVE BUG that you can dream of!

I was surrendered to AGN because my family didn't have time to invest in the training and exercise that I need. They realized that I needed someone with enough time and energy to commit to me as I'm an active older puppy. I was raised with children, a cat and other dogs. I'm having a blast with my foster family and now ready to start my life with my true forever family.

Personality Traits: Absolute sweetheart who is loving, energetic, silly and fun. Super smart with major potential if training is maximized. In addition to being a wonderful family pup, I'd be a great agility, fly ball or dock diving dog as I'm crazy fast, love balls and love to swim. Social and friendly with everyone, human and furry. Love to play with whomever will play with me!

Status with People: Social butterfly. Love all people and children. Good with children and used to live with a 9 year old child in previous home. Might knock younger kids down with my "puppyness", especially as tall as I am.

Status with Dogs: Great with other dogs and love to run, wrestle and play. Currently have a furry foster brother who is 4 years old. We play non-stop. I've always lived with dogs and thrive with them. Great dog park or doggy daycare dog.

Status with Cats: Good with cats. Lived with a cat in previous home and foster home. Like to give kisses to the cat, but the cat is not impressed.

Favorite Toys: LOVE TOYS AND BALLS! Enjoy playing fetch with tennis balls and big sticks. Will play ball until I pass out if you let me. Will retrieve and drop about 15 feet away for you to throw again. Love stuffy toys, but need the Go Dog, Tuff or Huggle Hound brands as I play rough with my stuffies. Rope toys are great. Squeaky toys are great. If it's a toy or ball, it's my friend!

Energy Level: High energy older puppy. I'm always "busy". Play non-stop with my furry foster brother and jog with my foster mom. I do settle down nicely when I'm tired.

House Trained: Yes.

Crate Trained: Yes and know the word "Go to your bed". Crated if no one is home, but that is minimal time. Willingly go in crate and do well in my crate.

House Manners:Good house manners for an older puppy, but PUPPY PROOF! Have free roam and not destructive, but must get enough exercise to not become destructive since older puppy and energetic. If left alone out of my crate and not tired enough, I would surely get bored and get into things. Haven't bothered the Christmas tree, except my tail knocked off a couple of ornaments as it wags in happiness so much.

Storm Phobia: None seen.

Leash Manners:Good on leash for such a young age with the Walk Your Dog With Love harness, but get distracted and excited when I see other dogs. I will pull and try to get to the other dog because I assume everyone wants to play with me.

Exercise: Older pup with high energy so must get significant daily exercise. Need lots of time to run and play physically and need to be challenged mentally with training exercises. Get non-stop exercise in foster home playing with my best dog buddy. Enjoy the dog park and short distance jogs with foster mom.

Car Rides: Great in the car. Will lie down nicely on the ride.

Basic Commands:Sit, Down (Lie Down), Shake, Go to your Bed (to go in crate). Learning Bring It and Leave It. Super smart with major potential with positive reinforcement training. Eager to please.

Things I need in my forever home:
-Active family that likes to exercise daily by taking lots of walks, hikes, swimming and fun outdoor adventures - I need lots and lots of exercise, mental stimulation and playtime. I'd be a good jogging partner
-I'm an older puppy who needs time committed to me for exercise and training. Someone who is not gone long hours...someone who doesn't work, works from home or works part time.
-I could go to a working home if I go to doggy daycare
-Positive reinforcement obedience training classes REQUIRED - This will help us bond and build our relationship and it so much fun. I'd excel at agility, dock diving, fly ball, etc.
-Older children would be great to play with as I've always lived with them until AGN, but they should be sturdy on their feet because I likely will knock them down accidently
-I'd love and prefer an active dog that will play with me as I LOVE to play with other dogs
-I'd be fine as an only dog if I had doggy friends to play with on regular basis - I'd enjoy the dog park or doggy daycare. I really need interaction with other dogs on a regular basis to be happy

So if you're looking for a great family dog who's a truly active older pup and everything that comes with it, you won't find a sweeter more fun, goofy, happy dog than me. I'm waiting for that special someone who'll maximize my potential and offer me unconditional love....and toys and balls to endlessly play with. I'm one AWSOME pup who'll add happiness and joy to your world. I'm here waiting for YOU!

Luv, Baxter

Photos by Amanda Murray Photography and Baxter's foster family

Additional information: *Housetrained *Current on shots