Meet Ashley (Ash)!

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Breed: Golden Retriever (mix)
Age: 3 years
Weight: 65lbs
Altered: Yes

A bundle of gentle, heart melting sweetness! A low key and reserved young lady who wants nothing more than to snuggle in your lap! A loving, loyal and devoted companion! Hi, my name is Ashley. My peeps call me "Ash". I'm an approximately 3 year old stunning Golden mix. I weigh approximately 65 pounds.

I was surrendered to the shelter for getting out of my fence and chasing chickens. In my defense, I was hungry. I never caught a chicken, but the neighbor was threatening me so my owners took me to the shelter. Then that great day came when the wonderful AGN volunteers walked in and rescued me. I had a rough start as I had to undergo heartworm treatments, but now I'm healthy. I've been experiencing new things for the first time and taking them all in stride. I'm learning all about living in a house and had to get used to all the noises and scary things like the dishwasher, dryer, vacuum, ice machine, etc. Now, I'm living the good life with my foster family and ready to find my forever home. I'm still blossoming with each day as there is still so much in the world for me to learn.

Personality Traits: Sweetheart who is loving, gentle, calm and cautious; most likely have Great Pyrenees mixed in me and I exhibit some of those traits...this means I'm a loyal and devoted companion who loves and adores my family, but can be somewhat wary of strangers at first, but do enjoy making new friends; complete cuddle bug that loves to lounge on the couch in your lap; blossoming each day and making fantastic progress

Status with People: Cautious and shy with strangers until I get to know them; may bark in fear or overstimulation at first; devoted to my family so once I trust you, you're part of my "pack" and I cherish and adore my "pack"

Status with Dogs: Good with other calm, nice medium to large dogs, but uncomfortable with energetic dogs who are over friendly or in my face; lived with my sibling in my previous home, but an only dog in my foster home; I don't know how to play with other dogs yet, but I'll learn in time

Status with Cats: Status unknown, but not a good idea since I am a "chicken chaser" and have a prey drive to chase bunnies, etc.

Favorite Toys: Still learning what toys are all about; haven't shown much interest yet

Energy Level: Moderate to low; laid back and calm overall; enjoy daily walks and activities with my humans outside; settle down for snuggles on the couch inside

House Trained: Mostly and learning to ring "Poochie Bells" to let you know that I need to go potty

Crate Trained: Yes and I go in nicely with a treat; only in crate when no one home which is approximately 4 hours at a time; occasionally bark briefly when you leave, but calm, quiet and happily wagging my tail when you come home; free roam otherwise

House Manners: Good house manners; has free roam and not destructive; sleep in my crate with the door open at night or in the breakfast room

Storm Phobia: No

Leash Manners: Good on leash with the Walk Your Dog With Love harness and will sometimes walk in a nice "heel" position; the only time I pull and bark or whine is when I see other dogs or critters - this is the time when I need to learn to focus on you with a yummy treat to keep my attention

Exercise:I need daily walks, hikes, etc. in a low-key neighborhood or quiet park; I would not do well walking on a regular basis in an urban area as it would be a bit overwhelming for me with all of the dogs, sounds, cars, etc.

Car Rides: Still learning that car rides are fun; well-mannered once I'm in , but I often pant with anxiety; I need to go fun places so that I associate the car with good and fun things; also having a treat waiting in the backseat for me when I get in will make me happy

Basic Commands: Sit and I'm working on Stay, Down (means Lie Down) and Come

Things I need in my forever home:
-I need a family that has dog experience; one who understands the characteristics of a Great Pyrenees and appreciates those traits
-I'd do best in a low-key household where there are not a lot of strangers in and out; I'm devoted to my family and cherish my "pack" so with Great Pyrenees in me, I'm somewhat wary of strangers and will often bark with strangers in the home, although I typically adapt quickly as long as people understand I need time and space to get to know them, then I warm up quickly
-Moderately active family that likes to exercise daily by taking walks, hikes and fun outdoor adventures
-I would do fine in a working home IF I had a calm, nice dog companion to keep me company
-I will come with a training plan to help me transition to my new home and continue with my current trainer for a few sessions
-I would be fine with older, calm children, but am not the dog to be a playmate for children
-I'd do best with a stable temperament, calm, nice dog to mentor me as I need confidence building or fine as an only dog with people who are home a lot
-I was known to escape my fence in my previous home, so my fence should be secure and I should not be left outside unattended

So if you are looking for a laid back dog who is incredibly sweet, gentle and loving; a stunning young lady who is unconditionally devoted to family...look no further, I'm your girl! I will cherish you and be your ultimate "cuddle bug". You (my family) will be my entire world! Can I be yours?

Luv, Ashley (Ash)

Photos by Jodi Reiter Photography, Tom Thomson and Ash's foster mom

Additional information: *Housetrained *Current on shots