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Breed: Golden Retriever (purebred)
Age: 7 months (DOB 9/15/17)
Gender: male
Weight: 55 lbs
Altered: Yes

ARTIE ARTIE AWESOME ARTIE...GET READY TO FALL IN LOVE! I'm a happy, lovable, playful, energetic, affectionate sweetheart just waiting to be the puppy of your dreams! I bet you guessed my name...I'm Artie and I'm not even 1 year old yet. My DOB is 9/15/17. I weigh 55 pounds and still growing. I'm in that lanky puppy stage with big, clumsy puppy paws. To know me is to love me!

I was surrendered to AGN because of a home situation that changed, but I have been well-cared for all of my life. My owner loved me enough to do what was best for me. I'm learning the world one puppy paw at a time. I love my foster family, but I'm ready to bring my forever family love and laughter with my silly puppy exuberance.

Personality Traits: : Sweetheart of a pup who is loving, social, energetic and fun. Super smart with major potential if training is maximized. Social and friendly with everyone. Eager to please and crave human affection. Lots of puppy energy with silly puppy antics. Beautiful temperament.

Status with People: Social butterfly! Love all people and children, but too much puppy for small children right now. I don't have children in my foster home, but met them at an AGN event and they were quite fun. Adore affection and especially enjoy belly rubs...they are my favorite!

Status with Dogs:GREAT with other dogs and love to play. Have 4 furry foster siblings, both genders, and take direction well from them.

Status with Cats: Cats unknown

Favorite Toys: : LOVE LOVE LOVE toys! Enjoy playing with my stuffy and squeaky toys. Like buffalo horns and Nylabones. Playing fetch with tennis balls or any of my stuffy toys is great. If it's a toy, it's my friend!

Energy Level:Typical high energy Golden puppy. Active and energetic outside running, romping and playing with my furry foster siblings. We play in the house also, but settle down for snuggles on the couch when tired. I get A LOT of exercise as I'm running and playing most of the time with my best furry friends, but I'm more calm when not with my furry playmates.

House Trained: Yes. No accidents in the house. Love to go in and out with my fur siblings A LOT all day long, but I don’t want to be left outside by myself. I want to be where my people are as I love my humans so much.

Crate Trained:No. Have free roam in the house whenever my humans are home and all night long. Gated off in a large hallway with laundry room when my humans are gone. I'm always a good boy as long as I have lots of toys to play with.

House Manners:PUPPY PROOF! Counter surfing puppy who will try to get anything off of the counter, including papers, mail or tasty treats. They all equal fun! Haven't been destructive otherwise but my home is "Artie proofed". I' m a puppy so do not expect me to not chew on things if given the opportunity. I have a puppy brain and am still learning.

Storm Phobia: None seen

Leash Manners: : Pretty good for such a young age. Pulls on leash a bit right now and will get better with continued practice. My Walk Your Dog With Love harness is key to reduce the pulling. I just get excited and want to meet everyone I see because I'm such a social butterfly.

Exercise:Active pup so must get significant daily exercise and playtime... power walking/jogging, hiking, swimming, etc. Running and playing with other dogs is important for me to meet my social and exercise needs.

Car Rides:Good in the car and quite calm

Basic Commands:Sit, working on Shake and Come...and is Fetch a command because I love to play fetch!

Things I need in my forever home:
-Active family that likes to exercise daily by taking lots of walks/runs, hikes and fun outdoor adventures
-Someone who doesn't work, works from home or works part time. I'm young and active and need someone with the time to commit to my exercise and training.
-Positive reinforcement obedience training classes as I have so much potential and am so smart. This will help us bond and build our relationship and it's so much fun.
-I'd be fine in a home without another dog if I get to socialize with other active dogs on a regular basis and get lots of exercise. I could also meet furry friends in training classes.
-I'd also enjoy a dog companion that will play with me, share toys and snuggle as I love to play with other dogs
-I'd be great with older children, but they should be sturdy on their feet since I'm a happy, bouncy, big puppy

So, if you are looking for a LOVE BUG of a puppy who has a wonderful temperament and craves affection, I'm your perfect puppy! But I am an older puppy and everything that comes with that. My puppy brain is in a big, clumsy puppy body. I require lots of exercise and positive training. I just ooze with sweetness and love and I have all of that unconditional love just waiting for YOU! I'm a special pup who has touched the hearts of everyone who meets me. My precious face and sweet personality will bring joy and laughter to your life each day.

Luv, Artie

Photos by Angel Pardue Photography

Additional information: *Housetrained *Current on shots