Meet Arrow!

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Breed: Golden/Labrador Mix
Age: 1.5 years old (approx)
Gender: Male
Weight: 65lbs
Altered: Yes

I am Arrow! I am a CHARMING, SWEET, LOVING, HAPPY, TOY OBSESSED, SLIGHTLY MISCHEVIOUS "CUDDLE BUG" looking for a lifetime of love, fun and never ending basket of toys with my forever family by my side! Long, lean, and straight like my name Arrow! I'm an approximately 1.5 year old Golden/Lab mix who will follow you around like a Velcro shadow. I'm thin not because I’ve been malnourished, but because I’m an active puppy who wants to go-go-go! My backside wiggles and tail wags when you say my name are unsurpassed.

Before AGN rescued me, I was loved by a 13 year old boy. His mom got very sick and they were gone long hours due to her illness. I was stuck in my crate for hours and hours. Unselfishly, they decided I would be happier in a new home where I can get all the love and attention I deserve and crave.

Outside, I love to play fetch and chase birds, squirrels, and sometimes my Golden Retriever foster sister. I would chase cats too so it's better that I don't have them in my forever home. I love going outside with her to get in some fetch time or a walk. I love to go for walks and get really excited about them. I'm learning to walk on a leash, but I still pull and I'm a bit all over the place sniffing. There are just so many things to sniff. I would benefit from some obedience/leash training – I’m still a puppy and get very excited meeting new people or when someone comes home and tend to jump up (foster mom says I like to give hugs). I’ve gotten much better with foster mom and dad working on that with me but I just want your affection and will easily roll over giving you full access to give me a belly rub – I love them!

Around the house, I am potty trained and have only had a few accidents. It is important to let me out every few hours during the day, especially at first, until we establish a routine. I'm fairly laid back and take a few naps or playing with my toys while foster mom is working. I find comfortable places to lie around such as orthopedic dog beds, blankets, and the sofa. I love to sit with you and snuggle too. My foster parents tell me I act like a human child – leaving my toys all over the house. If they pick them up and put them away, it’s not long before I have them all pulled out and around me again. I won’t counter surf when you’re watching but if you turn your back and leave me alone with something I’m probably going to go after it. (Keep the trash cans put away too please.)

I sleep in my crate at night and stay in there when my family isn’t home. With some training, I probably wouldn't even need my crate, but it's my routine at my foster home and I'm fine with it (incentivizing me with a yummy treat gets me in there fast!).

Dogs, Cats, Children: I have one furry foster sister and no children living in my foster home. We get along great though I tend to get jealous if foster mom or dad is giving attention to my sister. I will wiggle my way in between to join in on the attention. I need a home without cats. My foster family had some friends come and stay with us over Spring Break who have two children (7 yrs and 4 year old) and we got along great. Since I’m still learning, I would probably do better with kids around this age or older. Once I’m trained, I would probably be just fine with smaller kids too.

My Ideal Home
- I need a family that has plenty of time and energy to spend with me and will include me in all aspects of their lives. I need a home where someone is not gone long hours (5 hrs max). I get antsy and lonely if in my crate too long. I'd be great with someone who works part time, works from home, or even someone who doesn't work and wants to play fetch with me!
- I need an active family that enjoys exercise, as I need long daily walks and ball chasing time. I hope to have lots of toys and tennis balls! I would be a good jogging buddy too for an active family member. My family should be able to match my puppy energy and spend lots of time with me because all I want is to be with my people.
- A family that is interested in obedience classes, I am so smart and eager to please, but I know very few commands currently.
- I'd do great with another nice dog to be my furry sibling or I'd be fine as only dog to soak up every ounce of attention you'll share with me. There is no information about how I behave with cats.
- Older children would be a fit, but I get so excited, I might knock toddlers over.
- I also need the safety of 6 foot fence to be able to run and chase my tennis balls in the backyard without the risk of running off and getting lost. So, if you're looking for a wonderful Golden/Lab mix to melt your heart with my ‘puppy dog eyes’ and can match my puppy energy, I'm the perfect pup for you. I'm really a very sweet boy and everyone that meets me tells me what a good dog I am. I have so much affection and happiness I want to share with you. Please won’t you pick me to become part of your family forever? XOXO Love, Arrow

A special thanks to Amanda Murray Photography for these photos

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