Meet Archie!

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Breed: Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever/Golden Retriever (mix)
Age: 5 years old
Weight: 55 lbs
Altered: Yes

Polite, friendly, affectionate, intelligent, eager to please and an expert "kisser"! The perfect balance of dependence and independence! Loving companion who will match your energy, yet laid back overall! Hi, I'm Archie. I'm thought to be a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever mixed possibly with Golden, but AGN cannot confirm. I obviously have Toller in me...just look at those classic Toller markings. I'm approximately 5 year old and weigh 55 pounds. I'm that perfect medium size and simply stunning!

AGN rescued me from the shelter. I'd been found as a stray and surrendered by a good samaritan. AGN came to my rescue and is giving me a second chance. I'm now learning life with my wonderful foster family and waiting for a forever family to call my own. Could you be my special someone?

Personality Traits: I'm still blossoming each day. Super sweet and affectionate. Enjoy getting in my foster dad's lap. I might be a "lap dog" after all. Sometimes I'm independent and will just chill close to you. I'm not a dog that's demanding for attention, but so appreciative when you share your love with me. I don't like to be in the yard much, but enjoy lounging on the deck with my foster family. I'm not a barker. I observe, but am typically a quiet dog. Would be a great walking companion for someone because I'm really good on leash. I'm still learning what the good life is all about and enjoying the pampering from my foster family. Friendly, polite with everyone. Love my toys!

Status with People:I'm good with all people. Friendly and happy to meet new friends. I was the "shelter favorite" while there. Everyone adored me.

Status with Dogs: I'm good with other dogs and live with two furry foster siblings, both larger than me. I'm learning about dogs. Co-exist well, but likely have never been around many dogs. Just do not fully understand their communication yet. Learning quickly because I have two great doggie mentors to teach me. Just starting to learn how to play with them. Continued socialization with other dogs will be beneficial. When all the dogs at the shelter would get riled up and start barking, I'd lay quietly in my kennel and observe. I never barked. Possessive of my dog toys right now. They currently are high value to me since I've never had them and I want them to be all mine. Will correct another dog if they try to take my toy, but I'm respectful of my furry foster siblings when they have a toy. I do not try to take it, but I do not share. I just observe and then get it when they leave. I'm fine with food around my furry siblings. Humans can take toys or food from me. I would likely not be compatible with a dominant dog. If another dog in the home, I'd need a neutral and stable temperament companion who is not toy obsessed.

Status with Cats: Cats unknown, but quite alert to them on my walks.

Favorite Toys: Love toys, especially stuffy toys that squeak. My favorite is a crab and dog that I have.

Energy Level: Moderate energy overall. I'm a happy, excited fella sometimes, especially when playing with my toys, and chilled out other times. I'm laid back type of guy generally.

House Trained:Yes

Crate Trained: Do not need it - not used in my foster home

House Manners:Good house manners. Free roam and not destructive. I do have one confession...I scratch at the door when you leave for a few minutes. Depending on your door, this could make marks. Once I feel confident you will always return, this likely will wear off. I'm a first floor kind of dog right now. I'm not scared of stairs, but just haven't taken much interest in going up to the second floor in my foster home. I enjoy lounging or sleeping on the couch or dog bed on the first floor.

Storm Phobia:None seen.

Leash Manners:Great on leash using the Walk Your Dog With Love harness. Rarely pull. Typically ignore dogs that walk by. Occasionally I take interest in one, but usually just keep walking. Easy to redirect with a treat if you need to get my attention. Become alert if I see a cat, but I do not pull to get to it.

Exercise:Put on your walking shoes...I do quite a bit of walking with my foster family. Typically two walks per day at about 2 miles each. I'd be a GREAT walking partner for someone.

Car Rides: I get excited about car rides so I'd be a good road trip companion.

Things I need in my forever home:
-Moderately active family that enjoys spending time walking or hiking - I really enjoy my walks and do great on leash.
-AGN has no way to know for sure as my foster dad works from home, but a working home is likely fine as long as you're not gone long hours.
-AGN cannot confirm how I am around children as there are none in my foster home, but older children likely are fine. I'm not a dog that will want to go out in the yard and play with children, though.
-I'd be fine with another dog that is not dominant and not toy focused. I do not share toys. I would need a neutral to submissive dog companion and one who does NOT want to take my toys since I can be possessive of them right now.
-I'd be fine as an only dog where I can soak up all the love and attention as long as I get enough exercise and you're not gone long hours.
-A townhome is acceptable for me as long as you are an avid walker since I get 4 miles of walking daily. I enjoy lounging on the deck, but I'm not a play in the backyard kind of fella.

So if you're seeking a loving, but not "needy" companion who is sweet, friendly, laid back, enjoys walks and loves stuffy toys, I'm you're perfect match. My foster family adores me and so will you! I'm still blossoming and can't wait to start life with my forever family! So, put on your walking shoes and let's start our journey together.

Luv, Archie

Photos by Susan Peck Photography and Archie's foster mom

Additional information: *Housetrained *Current on shots