Meet Annabelle!

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Breed: Golden Retriever (mix)
Age: 6-7 years old
Gender: female
Weight: 51lbs
Altered: Yes

GET READY TO FALL IN LOVE! I'm the darling Annabelle. I'm the sweetest, most precious, fleece blanket loving girl in the world who will steal your heart when I start "talking" to you. I'm an approximately 6-7 year old gorgeous Golden mix with the cutest ears ever. And oh, how you should see me smile. I light up a room with my radiating smile. I weigh 51 pounds and every pound of me is pure love that wants to be your ultimate companion.

I was dropped off out in the country at someone's home. The family could not keep me as they had multiple dogs. They adored me and wanted the best for me so they contacted AGN. I had to go through heartworm treatments and now I'm a healthy, happy girl. I'm getting so much love and attention in my foster home, but I'm ready to start my new journey in life with my forever family. Someone is going to be blessed to have me as a part of the family. I'd like to be truly home for the holidays!

Personality Traits: : I'm incredibly sweet and everyone who meets me falls in love with me. Happiest when I'm with my humans. Mellow, laid back, low maintenance and funny. I'm a "talker". Yes, I can almost say "I love you" in a howl. I often "talk" to you when you talk to me. It's the CUTEST THING EVER! Watch my video and I bet you'll watch it more than once :-) Friendly with everyone of all ages and enjoy the simple things in life. Enjoy affection and crave attention, but do not like to be hugged by children...or adults either. It's a little overwhelming for me. I enjoy belly rubs and snuggling in fleece blankets at your feet. I'll take every step you do until I get tired and then I settle down for a snooze with my fleece blanket and doggie bed. I really love my fleece blankets. Easy going, perfect companion to be by your side and cherish life together.

Status with People:Friendly with all people and consider all humans my friend. Just more people to love on me. I'm good with older children. I live with a 10 year old and 14 year old. We play together and run in the yard.

Status with Dogs:I'm a dominant female and do not do well with other dogs. I had a male companion dog when I was dropped off before AGN, but I have not liked any other dog. I've made that clear several times. I need to be an only dog and not in a home where other dogs come to visit.

Status with Cats: Unknown, but I'm a critter chaser and excellent at it. I'll chase any critters that come into my backyard. I’ve chased squirrels that run up and down the length of the fence and chased rabbits out of the backyard. I like to watch birds and if they fly low enough, I will chase them as well.

Favorite Toys:: I enjoy chewing on Nylabones, elk antlers, etc. and prefer to chew on them alone. This is probably the only time the pitter patter of my paws are not taking every step with you. I love my stuffy toys, but I will "murder" them. The Tuffy, Go Dog and Huggle Hound brands are recommended for me. I don't know how to chase a ball, but I will retrieve my stuffy toys when thrown.

Energy Level:Low to moderate. Moderate energy outside as I'm chasing critters or playing with my human foster siblings. Low energy inside. Laid back and like to just chill at foster mom's feet or lie up against her legs.

House Trained:Yes. I will whine at whoever is near me when I need to go out to potty.

Crate Trained:Yes, I go right in when asked to "kennel up". Even though I'm crate trained, I stay out of my crate if my foster family is gone for a short time and do fine. I had some separation anxiety in very beginning as I was afraid my foster family would never come back. This likely has to do with me being abandoned. Once I understood, they would always come back, I've been absolutely fine.

House Manners:Perfect lady with excellent house manners. Do not bother a thing . Only get on furniture if you invite me and then I like to lie on my fleece blanket. Sometimes I get in the bed with my foster parents for some morning snuggle time. I sleep on my orthopedic doggie bed at night with my fleece blanket. Did I tell you that I LOVE my fleece blankets?

Storm Phobia: None seen

Leash Manners: Good on leash with the Walk Your Dog With Love harness. Pull a little in the beginning because I'm excited to go, but then do fine.

Exercise:Love my approximately 2 mile daily walks and they are important for me. I also enjoy play time in the backyard with my foster family and chasing critters. Retrieving my Tuffy stuffy when you toss it in the house is fun, too.

Car Rides:I love to take fun trips in the car. I occasionally go with my foster mom to pick up the kids from school and to the local pet store. I really enjoy sitting in the front seat so I can see out better. I get excited if you say “let’s go” and will happily go to the door and run to the car when you open the door.

Basic Commands:I'm a smart girl. I know Sit, Down (Lie Down), Stay and Come

Special/Medical Needs: I have some arthritis in my knee. Sedated x-rays show a past torn ACL that healed on it's own. I did develop arthritis in the knee due to this. I take a daily Glucosamine supplement called Dasaquin. It's important that I always take my supplement and daily walks. A body in motion, stays in motion. Although I have zero issues with stairs now and go up and down them like it's nothing, I would do best with minimal stairs in a home when I get older.

Things I need in my forever home:
-I would be the perfect match for someone who is moderately active and wants the ultimate companion to love on and take leisurely strolls, gentle hikes, etc.
-Because of past separation anxiety, I would do best in a home where I’m not left alone for too long. 4-6 hours would be fine. Someone who works from home, works part time or doesn't work. I'd simply be lonely if left all day by myself and might panic with fear of abandonment. AGN just does not know as my foster mom is home with me during the day
-A home with minimal stairs when I get older, but fine with stairs now
-soft orthopedic beds for me to lounge on and of course LOTS OF FLEECE BLANKETS!
-Must be only pet in the home

I'm simply a delightful, love of a dog! So if you're looking for a mild mannered, beautiful lady who's as wonderful as it gets and you're committed to daily walks to keep us both healthy, I'm you're perfect companion. I'm a happy girl with a never-ending wagging tail and ready to share life with my new family. I'll bring you laughter each day with my "talking" and happiness each day with my big smile. I don't ask for much, just your love, kindness and devotion. If you enjoy a furry "velcro shadow" and have lots of fleece blankets to share, I promise to bless your life with happiness and joy.

Luv, Annabelle

Photos by Elaine Sears Photography and Annabelle's foster mom

Additional information: *Housetrained *Current on shots