Meet Aconn!

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Breed: Golden Retriever
Age: 8 years
Weight: 57 lbs
Altered: Yes

GET READY TO FALL IN LOVE! PRACTICALLY PERFECT! Sweet, soulful, smart, southern gentleman looking for a lifetime of love and fun outside adventures! I'll charm my way into your heart and light up your world with joy and happiness. I'm Aconn (pronounced as long "A" and "con"). I'm an active 8 year old Golden Retriever mix who thinks I'm about 3-4 years old. I've had my name since a tiny puppy and know it well. I weigh 57 pounds. I'm a loveable teddy bear !

I was surrendered due to life changes that were not good for me. My family loved me dearly and was devastated to give me up, but knew it was best for me. I’ve made a smooth transition to my foster home where I’ve made new furry friends. My foster parents love and adore me. They say someone's going to "win the lottery" when they add me to their family as it doesn't get any better than me!

Personality Traits: All around sweetheart who's the perfect balance of dependence and independence. Crave affection and attention, but not demanding for it. Sometimes I'm the typical loving, snuggly, "velcro shadow" and other times I'm fine doing my own thing as long as I know where you are. Quite active and love the outdoors, but laid back, easy going and adore just being with my humans inside. Lived on 3 acres to play when outside so accustomed to and enjoy lots of exercise. Friendly to everyone and always happy to make new friends. I'm an all around GREAT DOG!

Status with People:Love all people! Good with children. Friendly and eager to greet everyone with my tail wagging. Stick my head in between your legs so that's you'll rub my ears and's quite funny! Everyone who meets me adores me.

Status with Dogs: Good with other dogs. Neutral in temperament. Have two furry foster siblings (female and male), but migrate mostly to the female Golden in my home. I like to trot around with her in the backyard and starting to play with my furry friends.

Status with Cats: : Good with cats. The cat in my previous home was my buddy. We even curled up together for a nap. I'm a good critter hunter so I'll chase bunnies, chipmunks, squirrels, etc.

Favorite Toys: I enjoy Kongs filled with peanut butter. Carry a stuffy in my mouth, but lose interest in it.

Energy Level: Moderate energy overall. I can be quite active and playful outside with my dog friends, chasing critters, exploring, etc., but laid back and easy going inside.

House Trained: Yes and used a doggie door in my previous home.

Crate Trained:Yes, but not needed. I have free roam in the house and do great. I sleep in the bed with my foster parents at night and slept in the bed with my previous family. If you don't like a dog curled up on the bed, then I'm not the dog for you.

House Manners:Wonderful manners in the house and not destructive in any way. Perfect gentleman and don't bother anything

Storm Phobia: No storm phobia, but scared of gun shots and fireworks.

Leash Manners:I walk nicely on my Walk Your Dog With Love harness.

Exercise:: I need lots of exercise as I had 3 acres to run and play on in my previous home. I also jogged on leash next to my previous owner's bicycle. I'm missing those things in my foster home so I sit often and just look out the window. I enjoy doing fun things outside with my family so an "outdoorsy" lifestyle is my preference as long as you are with me. I'm adjusting to subdivision life as I'm quite adaptable, but I'd prefer to have a large backyard to play in or someone who's doing things outside with me a lot.

Car Rides: Like to ride in the car and put my head out the window (please maximize safety precautions for me).

Basic Commands:I'm super smart. I know Sit, Down (Lie Down), Stay, Come, Roll Over, Kennel Up...and my name!

Things I need in my forever home:
-Someone who loves the outdoors and wants a furry companion by their side for fun outdoor adventures or general outside time with my family - I long for that and have spent my entire life with that lifestyle. I've lived my life on a farm where I could go in and out as I pleased through a doggie door.
-Moderately active family that likes to engage in daily outdoor exercise. I enjoy walking, jogging next to a bike, swimming, hiking, anything outside. Also enjoy sun bathing and hanging out with you while you garden, read a book, mow the lawn, etc.
-I'd be fine as an only dog if you are home with me most of the time. I'm attentive to my humans and crave affection.
-I'd also be fine with another neutral temperament dog as a companion. A female who enjoys outdoor adventures would be my choice as I really like my furry foster sister, but I'm fine with males as well and good with all ages of dogs.
-A working home is fine if I have a dog companion and you get me lots of exercise. I'm also thriving in my foster home where someone is home most of the day as well.
-Children would be just fine as I'm gentle and do not jump. I've never lived with children, but I'm good with the grandchildren who visit in my foster home.

If you're looking for an incredible, sweet, loving, "outdoorsy" kind of fella who gets along with everyone, look no further! You'll wonder how you spent a day without me in your life. I'll bring you so much love and joy. I'm as close to perfect as you can imagine! I'm an active (yet older) Golden mix who wants nothing more than to be by your side, showing you affection and ready to take on the next fun adventure. I'm truly an all around AWESOME dog...and have you seen how beautiful I am?

Luv, Aconn

Photos by Susan Peck Photography Additional information: *Housetrained *Current on shots