Meet Thor!

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Breed: Golden Retriever
Age: 6 years
Weight: 55 lbs
Altered: Yes


To know me is to love me! My name is Thor, but it should be "THE SWEETEST GOLDEN IN THE WORLD"! HAPPY, LOVING, EASY GOING, KISSY, SNUGGLY SWEETHEART! I'm a 6 year old Golden Retriever according to my surrendering owner, but the vet thinks I might be a bit older. I weigh 55 pounds. Every pound of me is full of love and joy! I don't have the sharpest vision (see Medical section in my bio), but don't let that fool you, I'm nothing short of amazing!

I was surrendered to AGN when my lifelong family moved into an apartment and could no longer care for me. So, here I am starting over again and looking for my true forever family this time. Could it be you? My foster family adores me...everyone adores me. They say that someone is going to "hit the jackpot" with me. I think that means I'm a special fella :-)

Personality Traits: There are no words to describe how WONDERFUL I am! All around sweetheart who is the typical loving Golden. Easy going, gentle, affectionate, silly with spunky bursts of energy and just want to be with my humans. Despite my impaired vision, nothing stops me from enjoy fun activities. Friendly to everyone and always happy to make new friends. Just a great Golden! A total love!

Status with People: Social butterfly who never meets a stranger...ever! Friendly, sweet and outgoing. Love all people and children, but will not be placed with children due to my limited vision. I have a special bond with my foster dad. We are best buddies and snuggle up on the couch together. I love to put my head in his lap and cuddle.

Status with Dogs: Good with other dogs and neutral in temperament. My limited vision affects my ability to see another dog's signals and body language. So, I enjoy dog companionship but have learned to be careful about playing with other dogs. Most dogs think I'm a little weird since I can't read their communication at all times. I'm good with all dogs...all sizes, both genders. I have two Goldens in my foster home.

Status with Cats: : Cats unknown, but not a critter chaser so likely would be fine.

Favorite Toys: TI love toys and always put one in my mouth to carry and show you. I'm just adorable! I love to play ball. It takes me a minute to find it as I must use my nose more than my eyes, but I'm good at it and bring it right back for you to throw again. **AGN suggests balls made for vision impaired dogs that make noise**

Energy Level: Moderate energy overall. Lower energy inside with moderate energy outside playing ball. Have bursts of energy, but calm and laid back overall.

House Trained: Yes

Crate Trained: Yes, but no need as I have free roam

House Manners: Excellent house manners. I have free roam while my foster parents are away and hang out with my humans or lounge on the couch during the day. Total couch dog! Sleep on my orthopedic bed at night next to my foster parents.

Leash Manners: Good on leash and enjoy daily walks

Exercise:: Daily walks are important for me due to arthritis in my elbows. Nice stroll through the neighborhood, park or gentle hikes are great for me. Ball throwing is great, too, just don't let me overdo.

Car Rides: I love to ride in the car. A ramp would be great to train me to or just a boost up from my human works well for me.

Basic Commands: I know my name well. I come when called and will sit nicely for a treat.

Medical: Not everyone or every dog has a perfectly healthy body, and mine is no exception. I have a few health issues listed here:

1)Vision impairment - My vision is fair overall and best in light. I have immature cataracts developing in both eyes with progressive retinal apothy in one eye. I have distichia which are tiny eye lashes that grow internally. I have difficulty tracking objects up close and challenges with depth perception. I am being followed by a veterinary ophthalmologist which will be needed for the rest of my life. AGN will go into further detail with my forever family. My vision may remain constant for years to come or could progress to blindness. No one has a crystal ball to know for sure. Anyone who's had a blind dog will tell you they excel and thrive with a heightened sense of smell and hearing. They just need things to remain consistent in their lives with a focus on maximizing their other senses.

2) Hypothyroidism - I take thyroxine daily for my thyroid. My levels are in perfect range.

3) Arthritis in elbows - I have arthritis in both elbows, but my left is worse than my right. I take carprofin which is an anit-inflammatory. I must remain on this. I also take a daily glucosamine supplement called Synovi Chews.

Special Needs: I need a vision impaired type home that accommodates my needs. This means the following (also see
-Stable and predictable environment
-Furniture should not be moved around - I will learn the set up by memory
-Food/Water bowls should not be moved around
-oys should be interactive with noises and scent
-Tags that "jingle" should be put on other pets in the home
-Humans should teach me as many words as possible for me to follow
-Daily routine should be consistent
-Minimal stairs in home

Things I need in my forever home:
-See "Special Needs" section above
-Special needs dog experience and experience with vision impaired dogs would be ideal.
-A low key, home body type person or family that likes to engage in gentle daily exercise such as strolls through the neighborhood in short distances.
-Someone must be home with me more often than not due to my vision impairment. Working part time or working from home would be fine
-No children in the home on a regular basis due to my vision impairment, although I love them very much. Visiting children would be great as long as they understand and respect my special needs.
-Another gentle dog would be great as a companion, but the dog would need to be stable and neutral in temperament with a laid back and non-reactive personality. The dog must be okay if bumped into unexpectedly, etc.
-Orthopedic beds and comfy couch blankets for me to lounge on and take naps.
-Minimal stairs that are either carpet or have treads on them and should be closed off by baby gates if not home
-Throw rugs to make paths or carpet in the home
-Someone who understands that I know my name well and agrees to not change it. I need that stability with my vision impairment
-Someone financially able to take care of my medical needs, including medications and visits to the veterinary ophthalmologist for regular check ups
-Someone with lots of tennis balls and toys!

If you're looking for the sweetest Golden you could ever imagine to bless each day with love and happiness and you embrace the wisdom and beauty of a special needs dog, then I'm your perfect gentleman. I'm truly the SWEETEST LOVE BUG EVER! I'm full of unconditional love to share with you in my glory days. I'm really a special fella and everyone that meets me just falls in love with me. I'll be here waiting on you so that we can start our journey together.

Luv, Thor

Photos by Amanda Murray Photography and Claude Velasco

Additional information: *Housetrained *Current on shots