Meet Sammy!

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Breed: Purebred Golden
Age: Approx 10yrs
Weight: Unknown
Altered: Yes

Hi! I’m Sammy Joe, but you can call me Sammy. I’m a “mature” purebred Golden Retriever, about 10 years old, and I’m looking for my forever home.

A little bit about myself. I was rescued by Adopt a Golden Nashville in the Fall of 2020, from a hoarding situation. I was malnourished with bad ear infections. Perhaps due to that, I’m nearly deaf. I can hear loud noises and high pitched sounds (like some toy squeakers or the high notes of a harmonica), but not normal speech. The kind folks at AGN have cured my ear infections and gotten my weight up to prime form. I’ve learned that life is fun…my foster dad tells me that I’m a good boy (I lip read), and he gives me lots of toys and bones to chew on.

Like most Goldens, I love being with people and especially enjoy attention and a good ear or butt rub. I’m laid back and relatively low energy. If toys or bones are available, I’ll proudly carry them around and show them off to you. Lots of times, I’ll even go to sleep cuddling a toy under my chin. I usually sleep on a dog bed, though a carpet is OK. Because I’m hard of hearing, please be gentle when you need to wake me up. The best way to avoid startling me is to stroke one of my paws…that usually makes me wake up gradually and calmly.

I’ve been told that living with me is SO easy. I’m perfectly house-trained and non-destructive. I’ve never chewed anything that wasn’t meant for me. I don’t have any bad habits outside either. I don’t dig or do anything mischievous. If someone is out with me, I’ll follow them around. I have no intention of wandering off. When my people leave on errands, I’m fine loose in the house. I can tolerate a crate, but it’s really not necessary. I’ll wait patiently by the window until my folks return. If you want to take me in a car, I’m fine with that, though I don’t LOVE car rides. I’ll calmly look out the window and watch the scenery. Concerning my diet, I like most any dog food and healthy people foods like meats, eggs and squash. The only food I can’t eat is dairy…I’m lactose intolerant.

Because I can’t hear well, I need to always be in an enclosed space (fenced yard) or on a leash. I could easily get lost if left to roam unattended, and couldn’t hear someone call for me. In the yard, I respond to visual cues. Perhaps I could be trained to respond to a high pitched squeaker or harmonica…just a thought. I don’t know any commands (they would have to be visual) but, given that I stay with my people, that’s not really a problem. I DO like to shake, though. It’s just a natural thing with me. If I want to get your attention, I’ll sometimes stretch out either paw for you to take. My foster dad thinks that’s so cute!!!

I like to go for walks, up to about a mile. I usually walk a bit behind. I never pull and I don’t bark at people or other dogs.

So far, I’ve never met a person I didn’t like, including kids. I have no problem with other dogs, but really don’t need them as friends. My foster dad has two other dogs and I mostly ignore them. I don’t know how I feel about cats. Although I like children, I would be best in a home with only adults (and perhaps responsible teenagers) because I can be easily startled when resting. I’d probably be best as an only dog, although I could live with a laid back dog that didn’t bother me.

So, that’s me, Sammy! I’m ready for my forever home, and I promise to love you unconditionally.

Luv, Sammy

Photos by Foster Family

Additional information: *Housetrained *Current on shots