Meet Ruby!

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Breed: Golden Retriever (purebred)
Age: 6-7years old
Gender: female
Weight: 68 lbs
Altered: Yes

The sweetest, most gentle and beautiful Golden girl who you'll fall in love with! Loving, Kind, Polite, Friendly and Happy! That's me, Ruby. I'm an approximately 6-7 year old Golden Retriever who'll touch your heart and soul with one look into my eyes. I weigh 68 pounds. Every ounce of me is a full of grace and potential just waiting to blossom.

I came to AGN from a breeder. I lived outside and now I'm learning the luxuries of being inside. Everything is new to me, but I'm starting to come out of my shell more and more each day. I'm scared of loud noises so all these storms and fireworks have been overwhelming for me. I adore my foster family and they're helping me heal from my sad past. I'm looking for a loving family who'll help me continue my progress.

Personality Traits: I'm a sweet, loving, good natured, gentle Golden girl who's a bit nervous right now as I learn the world around me. Crave your affection and attention. Happy except when those scary storms and fireworks start. My personality is really starting to shine through and I'm blossoming every day. Polite, social and friendly with everyone. And did I mention I love to go to the doggie store as it's like Disneyland for dogs. My foster family is working with me to increase exposure to all the fun things that dogs should do. I need to associate the world with positive things.

Status with People: I'm sweet and friendly with all people. I've only been around older children. I adore the 13 year old human in my foster home. I like to wake him up in the morning and hang out with him.

Status with Dogs: I'm good with other dogs and look to my tiny furry foster sister for guidance. She's not as big as a minute, but she's my best friend. I don't know how to play yet, but she's helping me learn the ropes. I thrive on her companionship and her presence comforts me.

Status with Cats: Unknown

Favorite Toys:I love stuffy toys, although the squeaking intrigues me. Gently get my stuffy toys from the toy box and carry them around, taking them to the room I feel most safe in.

Energy Level: I'm lower to moderate in energy overall. My energy is lower in the house, especially because I'm still figuring it out, but I've got a moderate to fast walking pace.

House Trained:Yes. I go back and forth to the door when I need to go out. You have to coax me to go outside and go with me. I'm afraid of those loud noises might start or you might leave me outside. Once you get me in the grass, just tell me to "go potty". Give me a treat immediately after I potty so that I associate going potty with good things.

Crate Trained: I panic in a crate if the door is closed, but, I choose to go into my crate on my own with an opened door. It's like my little "cave" with a comfy orthopedic bed, but I do not officially need the crate. My "safe spot" is my opened door crate or the master bathroom. I'm baby gated in the master bathroom when my foster family leaves. At night I either sleep in my crate with the door open or next to my foster family's bed. Love to be right there with tail wags when you start to wake up in the morning. I'm so happy to see you!

House Manners: I have good manners and don't bother anything on a normal basis. When the storms start you need to keep a close eye on me. I've been known to panic a bit and dig in the furniture or scratch at the door. I don't want to go outside. I just don't know what to do and where to feel safe.

Leash Manners: I'm good on my leash, although I weave back and forth most of the time. Walks are more fun if you can explore and sniff, right?

Exercise: I typically enjoy daily walks a couple of times per day. It's so much fun to learn the world while out on a walk. If it's shortly after a storm or fireworks, I'm not so happy to go because I associate being outside with the "boom-boom" noises. I need to associate walks and outside with positive things so take lots of treats on our walks.

Car Rides: I'm good in the car. I usually lie down or look out the window. I especially enjoy going to places that give me treats.

Storm/Noise Phobia: I'm storm and sudden loud noise (fireworks, etc.) phobic. This means I will pant, pace, possibly dig and look for a safe place. They are scary for me and I need medication to help me get through severe storms. My foster family also plays "Through a Dog's Ear" for me and has a protocol for mild storms and a protocol for severe storms. My foster family will educate you on my protocols, and you must stick with them. Storm and noise phobia is common in Goldens and Golden owners know that it can be managed, but not cured.

Special/Medical Needs: I'm a work in progress and blossoming each day, but the severe daily storms and consistent fireworks before and after July 4th are challenging. It's one step forward and two steps back, but I'm going to get there. I will need someone who is fully committed to working with me on positive reinforcement techniques and utilizing my storm protocols.

Things I need in my forever home:
-Someone who fully understands and is committed to a dog with storm/sudden loud noise phobia - this is a common phobia for Goldens
-Laid-back household with a family that has a lot of patience, understanding, time and a commitment to positive reinforcement training as I have so much potential. I need socialization and confidence building. I need a family willing to help me blossom and continue to progress me small paw at a time
-A moderately active family who will take me on daily walks or hikes as it's a great way for me to build confidence and us be healthy together, while also bonding . Check the weather first and don't walk me with pending storms or possible fireworks!
-Someone who is home most of the time in case storms come up suddenly . I must have a non-working home or someone who works from home. I'm a work in progress and I need someone who is ready to take me on as a "special project" as I sure am the sweetest and most special girl who deserves it. Lots of human interaction and socialization is needed for me to continue to blossom
-Another nice and gentle, confident dog would be great for me as I'm learning to play and need a doggie mentor. My companion dog should not be noise phobic or storm phobic so I see them being non-reactive and realize I'm safe
-Older children would be great, but must understand my fear of storms and sudden loud noises.

I'm really learning the world for the first time in so many ways. So many things are new and scary to me, but each day is progress. There's that underlying fear that some loud, scary noise will come from nowhere so it's going to take time and positive reinforcement. I'm slowly blossoming and finding my inner Golden, but it's going to take someone being patient with me and committed to progressing me forward. I'm going to digress when I change homes. Someone must understand that and be patient to help me through the transition. I'm facing my fears and need someone to travel my journey with me. We all have fears, right? Are you my special someone that will truly understand what I've been through and see the shining potential in me that's just waiting to come through? I'm willing to give you my unconditional love if you're ready to start a new chapter in life with me by your side. You'll be blessed by my love and the bond we create through the journey.

Luv, Ruby

Photos by Susan Peck Photography and Ruby's foster mom

Additional information: *Housetrained *Current on shots