Meet Misty!

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Breed:Golden Retriever (purebred)
Age: 7 years old
Weight: 55 lbs
Altered: Yes

Hang onto your heart as I'll steal it in an instant and break it a little, too! Hi, I'm Misty! I'm a love bug of a pup who wants nothing more than your affection...once I know and trust you. I'm a 55 pound, 7-year old Golden Retriever who's learning this new world and blossoming each day. I'm shy with strangers at first, but with time...I'm your best friend.

I was surrendered from a breeding kennel. I have spent my life having puppies and being a mom, so I'm now ready to find my forever family and be a beloved pet. I'm experiencing happiness, love, and fun, enjoying the luxuries of living in my foster home.

Personality Traits: Super sweet, gentle and very loving. Shy, nervous and startle easily. Happy and snuggly when I get to know you, but timid of strangers at first...especially men. I'm like two different dogs right now...I've become a bouncy, cuddle bug who adores my humans and furry foster sibling in my foster home. Then there is the side of me that is shy with of strangers, spooked by random noises such as the vacuum, broom, etc. With time and socialization, I'll build confidence and blossom. Right now, I'm learning how to be a dog...learning the joys of life inside with a family. I'm doing amazing and starting to really shine. It's just going to take time, patience and unconditional love. I'm a work in progress!

Status with People:Nervous of strangers at first, sometimes cowering and shaking, but warm up in time. I look to my human for approval before approaching strangers and I need to know that I can trust you. I need someone to be patient and work with me on socialization. Love and cherish my family and especially drawn to foster mom...she's my person! I am a shadow and will follow you room to room, I do not like being alone and still need a lot of reassurance right now.

Status with Children:Older children are fine, but no young, small children as I could be nervous around them.

Status with Dogs: I love my foster brother and I come alive around him! I am neutral to confident at first, but when I learn my place, I am neutral in temperament. Lived much of my life in a kennel, so I am maybe a little demanding of my favorite human’s attention or toys until I know they will always be around and I can share. My Foster brother really wants to play with me, and I am just starting to figure out how to romp around but still haven’t mastered the zoomies yet. I become more vibrant when he’s around and I look to him for comfort and guidance on how to be a dog. Having another confident, neutral male dog that is willing to share toys and attention that I can learn from is key for me to feel comfortable and progress.

Status with Cats:Cats are just fine….I currently live with one in my foster home and I really don’t pay much attention to them.

Favorite Toys: Nylabones, elk antlers, etc. Love stuffies with squeakies. I love playing with them but will drop them when my foster mom comes near….I need positive reinforcement that I can continue to play!

Energy Level: Moderate. I enjoy daily walks with my Foster mom and brother, but I am also laid back and a couch potato when hanging out with foster mom.

House Trained:Yes, but because of being a kennel dog I had to learn. Schedule is key. AGN recommends training me to "poochie bells" so I could give clear communication that I need to go out.

Crate Trained:Yes, I am crate trained, but isn’t required. Because of my past a crate can be a negative place or it can be a reassurance resting area for me. A crate will must be presented in a positive manner. My preference is to have a crate in the master bedroom with the crate door left open so I can come and go as I please.

House Manners: I have excellent house manners, but occasionally I will get paper off my foster mom’s desk and I will shred it! So, you will need to keep the house tidy. I am not destructive with furniture or anything of the like.

Storm Phobia: Yes. I am easily startled by unfamiliar noises and thunderstorms. A thundershirt, calming music, and reassurance can help with this a lot.

Leash Manners:I am progressing with my leash manners, as this is also still new and will need on-going training. I am double-leashed with my martingale collar. I enjoy walking beside my foster mom and my furry foster brother.

Exercise:Daily walks are my preference right now. I am becoming more playful with my foster brother, but not a zoomie chaser

Car Rides:I do well in the car. I have gotten a lot more used to being in the car and I enjoy car rides in the back seat.

Basic Commands: I have a lot of potential and I am sure I can learn more, but right now I only know come and sit

Things I need in my forever home:
-Someone who understands I'm learning the world for the first time and is committed to working with me in a positive manner. Someone who understands that I'm typically comfortable in the house with my family, but the world outside the home is still a bit scary right now.
-Someone committed to focusing on my positive socialization. I need to associate the world with positive experiences. Someone who understands that I'm hesitant of strangers, new things, thresholds, noises and someone who will help me build confidence.
- Moderately active family that enjoys the outdoors, is committed to my daily exercise and socialization.
-Not too chaotic of a household where random people are not in and out often. I need a more stable environment with a daily routine so I'm not fearful of random strangers coming in and out.
- Someone who doesn't work, works from home or works part time is best as I'm still learning each day. I do not like being away from my humans too long and need someone home more often than not. I can't continue to progress unless someone has the time to work with me on a daily basis. I need the human interaction and will not thrive without someone with me more often than not.
- Positive reinforcement obedience training classes would be beneficial. This will help us bond and build our relationship...and it's so much fun. All training should be force free/positive or I will shut down.
- I would prefer a neutral, male dog that doesn’t mind sharing his toys and willing to serve as my helper/mentor and playmate. One that will play with me and guide me. That is the quickest way for me to learn. I'm a follower and learn by watching other dogs, and another dog will help me build confidence.

I'm a sweet and submissive Golden who is as loving as can be and blossoming each day. So, if you're committed to helping me get over my fears and willing to focus on maximizing my potential through positive reinforcement training, socialize, exercise and fun adventures...I'm your perfect companion. You will not find a more precious pup to steal your heart and create wonderful memories with! Remember, I'm a work in progress so it's going to take a lot of time and patience for me to find my inner Golden...the true dog that I'm meant to be!

Luv, Misty

Photos by Elaine Sears Photography and videos by Misty's foster family

Additional information: *Housetrained *Current on shots