Meet Lila!

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Breed: Purebred Golden
Age: 6 yrs
Weight: 55 lbs
Altered: Yes

Happy, social butterfly who loves everyone she meets, and sweet as can be—Yes, that’s me Lila! I am a 6-year old Golden Retriever looking for everlasting love and a new couch to claim as my own with a new family! I was a former breeder dog and had a very sad life before coming to AGN! Now my life could not look brighter as I have overcome so much!

Personality Traits: My foster mom describes me as laid back, but a typical velcro shadow who always wants to be with her people and craves attention. She says I am the perfect girl and I get along wonderfully with my 2 furry foster brothers. I don’t bark that often unless it’s time to eat or when I want to be back inside from going potty.

Status with People:I love everyone, including children and have yet to meet a stranger! I love my foster mom, dad, and foster brothers, but welcome love from everyone who meets me.

Status with Dogs: I get along great with my furry foster brothers. I am a perfect mix of laid back and playful as sometimes I can get a burst of energy and will run around and play with them. I love so much to snuggle with them! I am gender neutral as I can play happily with both male and female pup friends.

Status with Cats: I have been around cats and I get along just fine with them also.

Favorite Toys: My favorite toys are balls as I like to carry them around with me wherever I may go. I also like stuffies, but know I like to shred them so it’s probably best I have a durable stuffy like Kong or goDog brand toys. I am not aggressive with my toys and I will share!

Energy Level: I am a low-medium energy girl who can lay happily next to you on the couch or running around playing with my furry foster brothers.

House Trained: Yes! I am a smart girl and I will go outside when I need to potty. I stand at the door and bark when I am ready to come back inside.

Crate Trained: I do not need to be crated as I have the best manners.

House Manners: I am a perfect girl who has free-roam of the house and not destructive at all. At night, I either sleep in my foster parent’s room on a doggy bed or sometimes I will sleep in my favorite spot on the couch!

Leash Manners: I am a pretty good girl on the leash. I start out strong but will slow down towards the end of my walk, but I am very well behaved.

Exercise:: I get walked on a leash every day (weather permitted) and I sometimes play outside in my foster parents’ big back yard with my furry foster brothers.

Car Rides: I don’t mind car rides at all and I make an excellent passenger.

Basic Commands: I know several commands and I am a quick learner! I can sit, shake, lay down, roll over, high five, and come.

Storm Phobia: None.

Special Needs: I was not feeling well when I first came to AGN. I had a tumor removed from my shoulder that was found to be cancerous, another removed from my neck, and I also had a mass on my spleen but it was not cancerous. The type of cancer I had could spread, but my last vet visit and scan I got a clean bill of health!

Things I need in my forever home:
-A family who will love me forever as I have not always had a happy life. I am a velcro shadow and I need my family to love me and be okay with this. I also need a family that understands my past health issues who will give me my best life.
-A calm-moderately active home with no young children and I have had a hard time getting healthy.
-A family who either works from home or is not gone for long periods of time as I love my people so much and get sad if they are gone too long.
-Someone who will continually work with me as I love to learn new tricks and thrive on interaction with my people.
-A fenced in back yard where I can go and roam freely getting fresh air.
-I don’t have to have another dog companion, but would probably do best with one as I am a social girl who does not like to be alone

So, if you’re ready to take me on as a new member of your family, I am ready! If sweet, social, love to be with my people kind of gal who just wants a couch to claim as my own sounds good to you, then I am your forever girl!

Luv, Lila

Photos by Amanda Murray

Additional information: *Housetrained *Current on shots