Meet Colby!

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Breed: Purebred Lab
Age: Approx 8-9yrs
Weight: 65 lbs
Altered: Yes


Are you looking for a true best friend...a very loyal and devoted companion that adores his human? Are you a gentleman that needs a dog to be your buddy of all buddies? Look no further, I'm Colby and I'm the dog for you! I'm one of those dogs who chooses a person and that's "my person". My love and loyalty are unconditional. Many dogs are afraid of men, but not me...I LOVE men! Not that I don't love the ladies, but I'm a true gentleman's sidekick who will take every step with you. I'm an 8-9 year old Labrador Retriever according to my owner. I weigh approximately 65 pounds. .

I was surrendered by a retired couple because they had grandchildren who spent much time with them and exhibited inappropriate behavior towards me. It was too much for me. I've always been used to a calm, laid back environment. It was a hard decision for my family (especially my "dad" who was my person), but they knew that AGN would find me a wonderful forever home. I'm dreaming of that day!

Personality Traits: Laid back, easy going fella who is loyal, loving, calm, gentle and loves walks. Crave affection and will paw to say "more please". My goal in life it to devote myself to my human. I'm a little "quirky" sometimes, but who isn't? Cautious of strangers in my territory and a slow to warm up to them. Look to my human for guidance. I'm more comfortable with strangers outside of my home/yard and will sit politely to be petted. Sudden changes in my inside environment make me nervous. I like routine and familiarity. Smart and have gone through obedience training. Love to do tricks for treats. Enjoy the sunshine...lying on the deck, exploring the yard, burying my chewy or just lounging by your side or at your feet as you garden or read a book. Really enjoy being brushed and even good getting my nails done.

Status with People:Tend to attach mostly to one human in the home, typically the male. Cautious and shy with strangers until I get to know them through appropriate introductions. I stay right by my foster dad and watch the visitors. If foster dad moves, I move with him. More social with strangers outside of my territory and will sit nicely for petting from them. Children create nervous energy due to my past in my previous home. Also, I take treats too quickly and hard for children (fingers could get accidently snapped). I do this as I was teased by children with treats :-( I appropriately take treats when presented in the correct manner (foster will show adopter the simple way they do it).

Status with Dogs: It depends on the dog. Good with non-dominant, neutral, calm medium to large dogs. Live with a furry foster sister who is an 8 year old Lab. I prefer to be in charge and she is fine with that. We get along well, but we have an established pack order. I give a low growly warning to my furry foster sister when I have toys, chewies, or I'm getting affection from my humans. This is to let her know that I'm not willing to share my toys and I'm enjoying being the center of attention with my humans. I do not guard my dog food or treats at all. I sit nicely for my food. I sit right by my furry foster sister as she has a treat first. I only will give the growly noise to my furry foster sister if I'm waiting to be fed beef, chicken, etc. (I love meat and it's high value for me!) I'D PREFER AND AGN RECOMMENDS that I be an only dog where I would get all of my own toys, meaty treats and get all of the attention. I have never growled at a human in my foster home, just my furry foster sister on occasion.

Status with Cats: Status unknown, but not a good idea since I am a "critter chaser". I also enjoy sniffing out the moles. I even barked at a possum once, but did not hurt it. I sniff out the yard and it's perimeter as part of my fun.

Favorite Toys:I like chewies and toys that look like small animals. Interestingly, I do not play with them inside, only outside. If the chewy/toys are inside, I will insist on taking them out. I’ll run back and forth through the house with the chewy/toy in my mouth until you let me take it outside. Sometimes I’ll paw at the door to signal I want to go out. Once outside, I typically just drop it and comes back inside or I'm the world's best at burying my chewie. Sometimes if I get the "zoomies", I’ll play keep-away with my toys and run and romp. Will chase after a ball, but then play keep-away. **Please note: If you have an issue with a dog burying chewies in your backyard, I am not your dog!!!**

Energy Level: Low overall, with some bursts of moderate energy outside and on walks. Laid back and easy going. Enjoy daily walks and activities with my humans outside. Enjoy lounging in the sun. Great napper inside and quite calm.

House Trained: Yes and kept on a schedule. If I have to potty outside of my typical schedule, I will stand and whimper at the door and if my foster family doesn't see him, I’ll gently paw at the door and bark.

Crate Trained: No need for a crate. I have free roam with great manners.

House Manners:Good house manners. Free roam and not destructive, but will chew up paper towels if given the chance (don't leave them in trash cans where I have access and this is solved). I do not get on the furniture, even if invited. During the day, I have my favorite spots or I enjoy lying at your feet. Typically sleep in the living room at night on a dog bed by my choice. Only counter surf if there is something extra special left out where the temptation is just too much. Remember...I love meat so don't leave a roast sitting out, etc.

Storm Phobia: Mild storm phobia, but not destructive. Will lie on the floor as close to you as possible, in a coiled position, and tremble. I do not cry, dig or try to run away. I just lie in a ball and shake.

Separation Anxiety: No, but I do whimper at the door when my foster dad leaves for a few minutes. Then I lie down at the door and just wait for him to come home. I never panic. I just wait patiently.

Leash Manners: Good on leash, walk nicely and love my walks.

Exercise:: I would do best with gentle daily walks, hikes, etc. in a low-key neighborhood or quiet park. I perk up when I hear the jingle of the leash. Daily walks will help me as I get older to maintain healthy joints and muscles.

Car Rides:Some days I'm quite comfortable in the car and some days a bit nervous. I do enjoy sitting in the back of the SUV and looking out the back window. If you have a treat waiting on me when I get into the car, I will learn that the car "produces" yummy treats.

Basic Commands: Sit, Down (means Lie Down), Stay and Come. I'm highly treat motivated and smart. Remember, I take treats quickly and hard unless you present them appropriately. I know my name well and it should not be changed.

Things I need in my forever home:
-I need someone that has dog experience; one who understands the characteristics of a dog with some "quirks" and possible past abuse
-I need a low-key household where there are not a lot of strangers in and out; I'm devoted to my family and cherish my person so I'm somewhat wary of strangers in the home until I'm properly introduced and comfortable
-Low to moderately active family that likes to engage in gentle exercise by taking walks in quiet areas, easy hikes, etc.
-I would likely do fine in a part time working home, but I would get lonely if an only dog and alone all day (my foster family works from home)
-Single family home with a yard with room to sniff and chase critters that invade it
-I would prefer no children living in the home. I would likely be fine with older, calm children (13ish and over with dog experience), but am not the dog to be a playmate for children/grandchildren; if grandchildren are visiting a baby gate in one of my favorite rooms is ideal as I respect boundaries
-My ideal home has a laid back, soft spoken, easy going man who wants a best friend, a gentleman who is home most of the time and wants a devoted companion by his side almost 24/7. I lived with a retired couple who spent their time with me. I cherished my dad in my previous home and my foster dad in my foster home. I love my foster mom, but foster dad is "my person" and I adore him.

So if you are looking for a laid back, loving and loyal companion who is gentle, a little quirky and devoted to you...look no further, I'm your fella! I will cherish you and be your ultimate best friend forever. You will be my entire world! Can I be yours?

Luv, Colby

Photos by Susan Peck and Foster Family Additional information: *Housetrained *Current on shots