Meet Colby!

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Breed: Purebred Lab
Age: Approx 7-8yrs
Weight: 65 lbs
Altered: Yes

Smart, Handsome, warm-hearted – that’s me! Hi, I’m Colby! I’m a 7 year old Labrador retriever looking for a lifetime of love, learning and adventure with you! I was surrendered when my family had a change of life circumstance but my future is brighter than ever now that I’m with AGN.

Personality Traits: My foster mom describes me as an all-around sweetheart with a stoic face and friendly demeanor. At home I’m laid back and typically nap quietly while my foster parents work. When we clock out you can catch me taking an afternoon sunshine snooze in the grass or by the grill cooking up dinner with my foster dad – he and I are good buds. We do man stuff like cooking dinner and home improvement projects. I’m at my highest esteem when I’m around my humans. Whether we’re taking a walk or watching our favorite shows, I love to be near my pack.

Status with People:I welcome all humans with a wagging tail and gentle presence. Our visitors always brag on how calm and kind I am. They love to pet my ears and when they stop, I remind them with a paw to say ‘I’d like more pettings please!’

Status with Dogs: I do very well with visiting dogs and co-exist perfectly with my 9 year old yellow lab sister. She and I created the Yellow Dog Club and meet monthly with our other friends. We get along nicely inside and share toys. I do not guard against my food or most toys but I do guard against toys that look like small animals while inside the house. Otherwise, outside I share my toys and display my usual calm and kind demeanor.

Status with Cats: I haven’t been around cats in my foster home and but I do like to roam the backyard on patrol for squirrels and chipmunks, so I might chase a kitty if given the chance.

Favorite Toys: I love all toys- especially toys with a squeaker. I do have a Nyla bone that I keep outside to brush my teeth after dinner. I’ve been known to bury it in the yard for safe keeping. I love to run and romp with my toys and play keep-away from my humans.

Energy Level: I’m a moderate to low energy guy overall—I love to go on walks and explore the backyard but I also love my naps in my cozy spots in the house.

House Trained: I’m a smart boy and a great houseguest. When I have to potty I will stand and stare at the door and if that doesn’t get your attention, I’ll whimper a little bit. Did I mention I’m fan of all food and snacks? I’m a Lab after all. I will crumb cruise and have been caught with my snout in the garbage can on occasion. There’s just so many tempting smells. My favorite is paper towels. I don’t eat them but I do love to shred them.

Crate Trained: I have not required a crate but am crate trained from my previous home. I have free roam of the house when my foster parents are gone and typically nap in the same place until they get home.

House Manners: Overall I have very good house manners. As previously mentioned, I am very food motivated so occasionally I’ll grab a stray paper towel to destroy or give your plate a lick if you’re not watching! My hunger may also motivate me to jump for the yummy snack that’s in your hand but my foster parents are teaching me not to do that. I don’t have accidents in the house and I don’t chew or destroy things.

Leash Manners: I LOVE to go on walks and I’m so well behaved on a leash…I don’t pull and don’t pay much attention to other animals or people we see on walks.

Exercise:: I get tons of fresh air and play time in my fenced yard every day. I also like to take walks sometimes during my foster mom’s lunch, schedule permitting. I also love mental exercise with kibble treats for tricks.

Car Rides: I am a great car-rider. I love to sit in the back seat and watch out the window. I jump right in to and out of the car and lay down nicely.

Basic Commands: Did I mention I’m a smart boy? I know sit, down, stay, come, paw. I’m is a fast learner and would definitely benefit and excel with further training—It would be a great way for us to bond!

Storm Phobia: I have a very mild storm phobia. I’m not bothered by rain but it’s just that scary thunder that shakes me. I’m not destructive at all. I usually go to my ‘safe place’ to curl up and sleep. Or I’ll lay near my humans for comfort.

Special Needs:I tend to lick my paws at night, sort of like a baby with a pacifier, to soothe myself to sleep. My foster mom has been giving me CBD chews to help aid in my relaxation and rest at night (she gives them to me about an hour before bedtime) and they have helped greatly in the past few weeks. I would probably benefit from continued use of them in my new home while I get settled.

Things I need in my forever home:
-A home that has patience to allow me to settle in and become familiar with my new family and space. I might not seem like a Velcro shadow right away but in time I will become more comfortable and give you all my love!
-A calm, quiet and moderately active home that goes on walks in the neighborhood or local parks. I enjoy my outside time.
-Someone who is willing to invest in further training with me as I exude joy when showing off my talents!
-A large, fenced yard (at least 4 feet or higher) would be wonderful! I love to roam and rest outside in the grass and smell the smells passing by
-Someone who works part time or from home. I do fine when my foster parents are away for a few hours but I would do better with someone who is home most of them time—I will become very fond of you and like to be near my people.
-A home without children
-I’d be fine as an only dog but I also do well with other dogs, especially when my foster parents leave the house.

So if you’re ready to find a smart, sensitive and silly boy who will give ALL his love to you, look no further! I might be shy and reserved at first, but once I warm up to you, there’s no stopping my potential! We could do training classes together and I’d love to show you how smart I am! Can I be your “baby”?

Luv, Colby

Photos by Susan Peck and Foster Family Additional information: *Housetrained *Current on shots