Meet Oso-Courtsey Post!

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Breed:Great Pyernees
Age: 1.5-2 years
Weight: 90 lbs
Altered: Yes

**Oso is not in the AGN rescue program. He is a courtesy posting and is currently living with a kind family who are trying to help him find his forever home. PLEASE DO NOT FILL OUT AN AGN application on OSO.... IF INTERESTED IN ADOPTING, please contact Rhonda at 615-420-0380 or Melissa at 731-431-0906**

I'm a big 'ole sweet, stuffed polar bear! Yes, that's me Oso....the cuddliest and most laid-back boy in the world! I'm a boy who is between 18-24 months old, and who weighs approximately 90 pounds. I look like a fluffy polar bear! Every pound of me is full of pure sweetness and such a Zen personality!

When I was a young pup, I was hit by a car and had to have extensive surgery on my hip. I have totally healed, but I will never be able to guard livestock as a result of my injury. I would just would love a big yard to roam as I love being outside.

Personality Traits:I am super chill who loves life! I'll touch your heart in ways you didn't think possible with my young, loving spirit, and sweet disposition. I am not dominant and have no problem with smaller dogs as I had several small dogs I lived with, so I pretty much get along with most everyone, including both human and furry.

Status with People:Everyone is my friend. I am a little shy at first, but happy to meet all people. Because of my large size, no small children as I could easily get excited and possibly knock them down. I could use and could thrive from formal obedience training as I love learning new things.

Status with Dogs:Great with dogs and I like to play. I have dog siblings of various ages and sizes and in my foster home, and I'm good with all of them. Neutral in temperament.

Status with Cats:I am fine with cats, but I will chase them if they run away from me.

Favorite Toys:I love all toys, but my favorite are Benebones.

Energy Level: Low-moderate overall. Energy increases just a bit when I am outside playing with my furry friends, but then I settle down very nicely.

House Trained:Yes.

Crate Trained: I do not need to be crated as I have very good manners inside the house.

House Manners::I have good house manners. Free roam and not destructive and I sleep on an orthopedic dog bed or in my foster parents bed. I do love food so much so be ready to share healthy "treats" with me.

Storm Phobia:: I have shown no fear of big, scary storms.

Leash Manners: I am good on a leash

Exercise::Daily walks, plus playtime with my dog friends in my big back yard and playing with my toys.

Car Rides:I'm good in the car.

Basic Commands:"come," "sit," "down," and "spin" both ways.

Things I need in my forever home:
-Low to moderately active family that is ready for a sweet, happy dog who loves to chill with my family and furry friends. One who likes to exercise daily by taking walks through the neighborhood or light strolls in the park.
-I'd prefer a nice dog companion who is playful, as I adore my dog friends and like to play with them. I'm good with both genders and all sizes.
-I'd be better in a home with someone who doesn’t work, works part-time, or works from home. I also must have a dog companion because when I do have to be left at home, I want a companion to keep me company.
-I must have a fenced in yard as my breed tends to roam and I could get lost!

So, if you're looking to adopt a beautiful boy who is super sweet loves everyone I meet, then I am ready for a lifetime of happiness with you! I'm one GREAT furry companion to light up your life with my love.

Luv, Oso

Additional information: *Housetrained *Current on shots