Meet Bobo-China Dog!

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Bobo-China Dog

Breed:Golden Retriever (purebred)
Age: 1 year
Weight: 45-50 lbs
Altered: Yes

**Bobo is a Golden Retriever rescued from the meat trade in China. AGN worked directly with China Rescue Dogs, a 501(c)(3) non-profit, established to rescue and rehabilitate dogs from the meat trade. They go through extensive protocols, procedures and vetting to be relocated to the US to find their forever homes. If you have not read about the dog meat trade in China and the "Yulin Dog Meat Festival", we encourage you to do your research and visit These rescued Goldens may come with issues related to having to survive. Such issues may include: resource guarding, food aggression, separation anxiety, fear of noises, fear of the dark, etc. THE CHINA GOLDENS WILL HAVE SPECIFIC REQUIREMENTS LISTED IN THEIR BIOS. They've made wonderful progress, but will continue to be a special project requiring positive reinforcement training and guidance. They are true survivors and a symbol of hope!**

SWEET SNUGGLE BUG ALERT! I'm Bobo, the cuddliest and most happy fella you can imagine! I love my new life and am joyful each day since coming to the United States from China. I'm approximately 1 year old and weigh approximately 45-50 pounds now. I look like a fluffy, miniature Golden Retriever. Every ounce of me is full of love to share. I have a beautiful Golden personality.

I was a favorite amongst those who rescued me from the meat trade in China. Everyone who has met me since adores me. I was excited to meet my new foster family and to feel love for the very first time in my life. I'm an older puppy who's learning the fun of puppyhood for the first time!

Personality Traits: I'm a bouncy ball of happiness who loves life! I'll touch your heart in ways you didn't think possible with my resilience, loving spirit, joyful exuberance and sweet disposition. Total velcro shadow who has no clue what personal space means. I will be following you, touching you or on you every second I'm not playing with my furry foster siblings. Well adjusted in general, but especially for all I've been through. Stable in temperament. Social and friendly with everyone, human and furry. All puppy so start puppy proofing now!

Status with People:Everyone is my friend! Social, outgoing and happy to meet all people. Excitable puppy "nipping/ mouthing" when meeting new people. The nipping can pinch skin. I'm not trying to hurt you, but am so excited to see you that it's a show of affection and overwhelming happiness. I should be redirected with positive reinforcement training (no punishment) to a toy to put my mouth on vs. humans. Good with older children, but I do not differentiate between adults and children with my mouthing. Excitement equals puppy mouthing/nipping right now. Remember, I've never had any guidance so I'm looking to you for positive training.

Status with Dogs: Great with dogs and like to run, romp and play! Good with 3 furry foster siblings of various ages and sizes in my foster home. Neutral in temperament. No resource guarding of toys and no food aggression. Share toys fine and take treats without issue next to my furry foster siblings. I do love food so be ready to share healthy "treats" with me.

Status with Cats:Unknown. No excessive prey drive exhibited in my foster home though.

Favorite Toys:I love peanut butter Kongs, stuffy toys and playing ball. I can destroy some toys so make sure and supervise. AGN recommends Huggle Hound, Go Dog, Kong and Tuff toys.

Energy Level: High to moderate. I'm an active puppy, but not hyper. Energy increases outside and when I'm playing with my furry friends or ball, but then I settle down nicely. I am a puppy and have 3 furry foster siblings to play with so I do not get bored and play a lot. It's never good for a puppy to be bored! A tired pup is a good pup!

House Trained:Yes, but occasionally have an accident near the door if my foster Mommy is not quick enough on her feet. I am just learning where to go potty, so please be patient with me. AGN recommends a potty schedule and training to Poochie Bells so I have a easy way to communicate that I need to potty.

Crate Trained: CANNOT BE CRATED! Because of my background and the excessive days crated to get to the US, a crate is not my friend. If you must leave me alone without supervision, gated off areas would work best for me. In my foster home I have free roam without issue, but I am not left for long, extensive periods of time and I have my dog friends.

House Manners:: Good house manners, but a still a puppy so PUPPY PROOF! Everything is a toy for me right now. I have free roam and am not generally destructive (except sometimes toys, stuffies, and the occasional dish rag). I do counter surf if given the opportunity so do not leave temptations on the counter. Sleep on an orthopedic dog bed or in my foster parents' bed. **If you do not want a dog on your lap, couch and bed, then I'm not the pup for you**

Storm phobia: No fear of big, scary storms since being in the United States.

Leash Manners: I tend to pull and need positive reinforcement training. Whenever I leave the house, my foster Mom always puts an extra martingale collar on me and I am double leashed. This ensures that I do not get loose and get lost in a new place, a new country for me. AGN encourages the Walk Your Dog With Love harness.

Exercise:: I get LOTS of exercise playing with my furry foster siblings, playing with toys and daily walks. I need a lot of exercise due to my age and mental well-being.

Car Rides:I'm good in the car. Love to just hang out in the backseat.

Basic Commands: "Come" and am working on "sit" and "stay". I know my name.

Things I need in my forever home:
-Someone who is dog experienced and understands what I've been through being rescued from the meat trade in China. I may not carry physical scars, but I remember the horror.
-Someone who is home more often than not on a regular basis. Someone who doesn't work, works from home or works part time. I'm used to my family being home often with me and my furry siblings. I thrive in this environment because I'm young, active and need someone with the time to commit to my exercise and training. China Dogs are still learning new things each day and need lots of positive reinforcement training.
-Formal positive reinforcement obedience training is required.
-Positive reinforcement obedience training classes REQUIRED - this will help us bond, build our relationship and it's so much fun. I'm have a tiny puppy brain in an older puppy body. I have never been worked with before. Everything is new to me. I can be “mouthy/nippy” when I get excited and I have no concept of “personal space”. I have to be with you or on you to let you know how much I love you!
-NO CRATING due to background of excessive caging and crating. Baby gates only!
-Active family that is ready for a spunky, happy dog who knows no personal space. One who likes to exercise daily by taking walks through the neighborhood, strolls in the park and hikes.
- Need a younger and nice dog companion who is playful, will run, romp, wrestle and share toys. I adore my dog friends and like to play often. I'm good with both genders and all sizes.
-Due to my puppy mouthing, children should be 14 and older. I am great with kids, but they do not always like my puppy nipping. Children must have grown up around dogs.
-No townhomes or condos. Single family home with a secure physical fence.
-AGN requests that you keep the name given as Bobo (or Bo) knows his name and it was given by his rescue volunteers in China.

Adopting a "China Dog" means a commitment to a special project. I have a solid temperament, but I am still learning new things each day. I will need constant positive reinforcement training, along with patience and understanding. I come with a sad past and I will carry that past with me, although my resilience is amazing. I need a family that is easy going, but attentive, and yet an active family who will give me daily exercise through walks/runs, ball playing and take me on fun adventures. I'm still quite puppyish, especially with my puppy mouthing/nipping, so physical and mental stimulation is important to keep me well balanced and out of puppy trouble.

So if you're ready to make a commitment to my needs and understand that I'll always carry my past with me, I'm here to start life's journey with you. I'm a wonderful Golden who will take hold of your heart and change your life forever. If I could talk, I could write a book as to what I've experienced in my short life. But out of those experiences I've always been void of unconditional love. I'm not perfect, but I have so much love and life to share with you.

Luv, Bobo

Photos by Amanda Murray Photography and Bobo's foster family

Additional information: *Housetrained *Current on shots