So you and your family have talked it over and you’re ready to adopt a dog. Now you’re wondering if a Golden Retriever might be a great fit for your family.

Goldens are notoriously loveable, joyful, and exuberant! Your Golden will probably want to be near you most of the time because Goldens adore people and forge loyal relationships. This quality makes the Golden Retriever an ideal family pet.

Your new companion will love to carry things around… usually a ball or a stuffy toy, but sometimes it may be a shoe left out. A Golden's wagging tail will quickly clear your coffee table of knick knacks or magazines. He may shred the newspaper, leave muddy paw prints on your floor, dig a hole in the yard, or steal a sock left lying around (a potentially fatal event if the dog swallows it). But Goldens love to learn and please their people, so with obedience training and positive reinforcement, your new family member will quickly learn the rules of the house.

Goldens are basically puppies until at least 2 years old and are incredibly active. Younger Goldens require daily exercise – meaning daily walks, active play with you and other furry family members and mental stimulation from training. Swimming is a wonderful activity to keep your Golden stimulated and happy, as Goldens of all ages are usually crazy about water. If you’re looking for a mellow front porch pal, older Goldens tend to be more calm and gentle. This quality makes them a great companion for anyone.

Most of all, your Golden will need lots of love and attention. If you want a walking or running partner who is the ultimate "velcro shadow" and cuddler, you’ve chosen the ideal breed.

Be sure everyone in your household is on board and excited about a new family member. Adopting a Golden is going to mean that you and your family must make time for daily exercise, walks/runs on leash, ball playing, yard cleaning, feeding, brushing, health care, and training classes if needed. 

Adopt A Golden Nashville is always happy to answer any question you might have. Feel free to contact us, or to join us at one of our events.

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If everyone in the family is committed to adoption, follow these steps:

    1. Carefully review our Terms and Conditions of Adoption. In order to adopt from AGN, applicants must be able and willing to comply with all Terms and Conditions of Adoption.

    2. Remit the application fee of $40.00 by using PayPal (preferred) or sending a check to AGN
    PO Box 681106
    Franklin TN 37068-1106.

    3.Complete the Online Adoption Application. The application will not be considered if the entire application is not completed.

After your application is received we'll review your application, check your vet reference, schedule a phone interview and schedule a Home Visit. If you don't hear from us within 48 hours of submitting your online application, please contact us to verify it was received successfully.

Our goal is always to place our Goldens in their new homes as quickly as possible. While the application process can take time given the fact that we’re an all-volunteer organization, it’s essential to ensure that each dog is placed into the right home. We very much appreciate your patience during the process.

If you decide to adopt a dog elsewhere or simply change your mind, we ask that you contact us IMMEDIATELY so we can remove your application from our files. 

Once the day comes to welcome your new furry family member into your home, you’ll review and sign the Adoption Agreement. It’s good to understand the terms prior to committing to the adoption, but there’s no need to sign the document until you’ve reached that final step.